Feng shui bedroom mirror and for other home places

Do you have any idea about Feng shui suggesting specific guidelines regarding bedroom mirror and for other home places? if you don’t, then you are in the right place. The mirror is such an element that helps to amplify or double the amount of reflecting energies.  According to feng shui, Mirrors are really good at reflecting light and harnessing that positive energy. They are also enhancing prosperity by sending all the good vibes out and absorb negativity.

However, on the other side, they are also working in the opposite way. if it is placed improperly then it can also have negative consequences that affecting your health, sleep, and your mindset. Therefore, you have to pay very special attention to the feng shui guidelines. So that you avoid misusing or overusing it.

Feng shui bedroom mirror and for other home places

Feng shui bedroom mirror and for other home places

#1. Feng shui for bedroom mirror

According to feng shui rules, Having a mirror in the bedroom is obviously a BAD choice.  it should never be placed opposite your bed. Because the things you keep in your bedroom are actually alive. And, when they are reflecting back to you they would never let you sleep. For example, Just imagine when you trying to sleep but the mirror is bouncing back that energy by keeping all the activity alive in your space.

Mirror above the bed

Placing a mirror above the bed is not a good feng shui. Apart from the practical sense of not having something heavy at your head. I mean, it might fall on you when you are trying to sleep. you just do not want to have all of that crazy energies moving over your head.

Mirror behind the bed

it is not good to have a mirror behind your back either. As it reflects all that energy that is bouncing back and forth when you are just trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, if you are single in the bedroom and have a mirror that is reflecting your bed and body part. it just means that you are going to introduce like a malady or an element to that portion of your body. So make sure none of your body parts are reflected in the mirror. Because it can cause something like horrible medical conditions that coming in your way.

#2. Feng shui for living room mirror

if there is a landscape outside your window then it is preferred to place a really large size mirror directly opposite the window. By doing this, you are inviting all of that beautiful scenery with nature, chirping birds, blooming flowers, etc. it is just makes you feel good and give some relaxation. This is what actually feng shui demands you to put in your house which invites positivity. if you need to activate a stale corner in your living room that does not receiving a lot of love, light, and positivity then placing a mirror there can be a good choice.

Furthermore, Like A bedroom scenario, you absolutely do not want to place a mirror behind a sofa in the living room. When you place a large mirror behind your sofa then the solid wall is no longer a protective wall. Because you really do not like sitting on the sofa where there is not a protective or solid wall. As it gives you the sense of the safety and protection which is necessary when we are in a relaxing mood.

#3. Feng shui for dining room mirror

in feng shui, it is recommended that having a mirror is good in your dining room. Because it is considered that a mirror facing the dining table represents abundance and wealth. As it symbolizes that there is always food on the table and a beautiful happy family surrounding it.

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#4. Feng shui for bathroom mirror

Mirrors in the bathroom are an absolute necessity. There is always a mirror placed above the sink. However, make sure there should always be beautiful light fixtures and your face reflecting in the bathroom mirror. if there any toilet seat and trash is reflecting then it spreading negativity in your bathroom.  Hence, place a mirror in such a position where only clean and smooth things reflecting.

#5. Feng shui Mirror in the office

The mirror is generally not a good place for the office. Our office is such a place where we need more focus in order to accomplish our tasks peacefully. But in offices, there is too much activity bouncing back and forth. It actually happens distraction from your studies. Especially when it is reflecting a pile of paperwork or even your laptop or keyboard.

#6. Feng shui Mirror in the Kitchen

When it comes to placing mirrors in the kitchen, you really have to be very strategic. The stove in the kitchen should not face the mirror. Because stove equal fire and fire just too much active energy. The thumb rule is using for the mirror is when you only want to use it as a cure of canceling elements out.

Now, what does that mean? you may notice that the stove equals fire and the sink equals water. if they are placed in such a way where the stove place across the sink then it is considered the bad feng shui. Hence, if you want to use a decorative mirror to cure that situation I would place the mirror next to the stove so it is not reflecting fire. By doing this, it will reflect the water which is a good feng shui.


Finally,  we have learned that mirrors are a kind of element that doubling up the reflecting energies. While placing it in our house we have to be very careful regarding feng shui rules. The mentioned guidelines have to be implemented in all the places in the house. otherwise, it can be harmful to the people who live in the house.

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