handwritten signature ideas for my name

When you search for something on the internet like ‘handwritten signature ideas for my name’, do you ever think about how this adopted style affects your life? When we sign on papers, it means that we are agreeing to that thing. Whether it is any bank papers, PAN card, agreement, etc. Because our signature defines our personality which reflects how we can be progressive in our life.

It is very important for us to know that what our signature should be and how it will help us to be successful in life. There are two aspects to choose the best signatures style for your name. Firstly, what should be written, obviously we will write our name. secondly, how it should be written in the context of its shape. In this article, we will also analyze it from the signatures done by celebrities.

Note: Please do not judge me by these signatures because they are not mine. They are just showing you as an example for more clarity.

How to write letters in your handwritten signature

handwritten signature ideas for my name

1. First capital letter in your signature

while writing name, if you see the first word in capital and dominant. it shows that the person would be bold and self-confident in his life. They must have wide clarity and experience in their criteria.

2. Cutting letters with reversing line

When someone writes the name in the signature and cuts all the letters at the end with reversing line. it represents that you are not happy with your self-identity. It seems like all your achievements are doubtful in your perceptions. It does not let you think something good about yourself. Hence, while signing do not cut all the letters for next time.

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3. The dot above the “i” in signature

There is another situation that signifies our goal in signature. Suppose if ‘i’ comes in your name and you write it in such a way where the dot is very close to the (i), it indicates that you have a very short terms goal in your life. Such people have limited ambitions such as a simple job, small house, etc. which normally everyone can easily achieve.

Furthermore, if you do not place a dot above the (i) letter. it means you don’t have any goal or any aim in life. it is just a matter of survival.

Moreover, some people put a dot above ‘i’ but they spread out it. it says you have a goal but you are not that much into it. you are not making such efforts which required to achieve your aim. For example, if you see the signature of Congress party leader Ms.Sonia Gandhi. There is a dot in the last but it is a little spread out.

handwritten signature ideas for my name
Sonia Gandhi’s Signature

4. Dot at distance above the (i) letter

if you place a dot above the ‘i’ at some distance. it is considered as you have a high goal in your life. And, you are making hard efforts to get it. such people definitely get success in their desired field. Hence, next time make sure while signing any document. always place a dot at some distance in letters.

5. Deepika Padukone’s signature

As showing in the above picture, you see the first letter ‘D’ is giving the shape of the heart which is the opposite side. As we said earlier, the first letter is define us. when we make such shape of the letter ‘D’, it means we have gone through ups and downs in life such as broken hearts, depression, and anxiety. if we talk about Deepika Padukone, she mentioned her journey in interviews that she has to go through anxiety and depression besides we all know her relationship breakups in her career.

handwritten signature ideas for my name
Deepika Padukone’s signature


How to underline letters in your signatures

handwritten signature ideas for my name

1. Underlining in your handwritten signature

When you write your name upwards by putting the bottom line. The angle of the line mostly becomes at 45 degrees. It indicates that our growth mind is set and we are living our life with high ambitions. It signifies that you always wanted to go upwards with high-level thoughts. which is good and should be implemented by everyone.

Moreover, when you underline horizontally without any angle, it means you are getting support from someone. The support can be in any form such as family support, luck, and divine supports, etc. Therefore, if you are not underlining below the letters and the day your start underlining it,  you will get the resources in the form of supports.

2. Reversing Underline in your handwritten signature

As we mentioned, The underlining letters signify the support you have in your career. However, there is a situation that describes you are stuck in your past decision which irritates you. while signing, if you ending with a reverse underline, it means you are like a nostalgic person. If someone keeps old things in his mind, then it becomes very difficult for him to move forward in life. That’s why never make any reverse line.

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3. Parallel lines below the signature

Such signatures where double lines made below the letters indicate that such people may confident for others but they feel insecure from inside. The insecurity could be for anything like a name, fame, money or family, etc. These people show off that they are confident but actual they are alone from inside.

Full stop & Style in your signatures

Full stop at the end of your signature

Sometimes we see a dot at the end of the signature. we all know the meaning of dot is stop. which means something is at the end and needs to be stopped. It does not mean such people can not be succeeded in their life. However, in some stages, they have face hindrances and obstacles. It also makes sense as they would not love to indulge in other subjects. Therefore, a Full stop should be avoided while doing signatures.

TWO dots below the underline

I have been witnessed many people who signed with underline but marks 2 dots at the end. These people are some of them who do not want to get retirement from their work. You all may know that Two dots means (TO BE CONTINUED..). one dot means stoppage and just beside the second dot means again starting. There are very few people who do this because not every person gets the opportunity to start something again.

For instance, a similar situation can be seen in Mr. Amitab Bachan’s Signature. if I assume we all know his journey as he faced ups and down in his stardom. That is why do not put TWO small dots below your signature because it is not advisable.

handwritten signature ideas for my name
Amitab Bachan’s Signature

Changing the style of the signature every time

We generally see people often change their style of signature. which is sometimes difficult to matching especially in legal activities. It means your thought process is not stable at all. As your thought process switches, similarly, your style of signature gets changed.

Thus, consciously make some efforts that do not affect your thought process and signing styles frequently.

Writing surname after the signature

It shows that you are in great need of family and you like to give importance to them. But those who do not write surnames behind their names, do not need others much.

Moreover, if someone writes surname’s first letter in the capital, it shows that you are a prominent member of your family.

Signatures in downwards (handwritten signature ideas for my name)

Signatures downwards reflect the negativity among the people. If a student signs like this, then it is known that he is not interested in studies. If you analyze it carefully, then it starts coming down while writing. This way it seems they want to leave the things and feel depressed in the subject where they are working.

Ratan Tata’s Signature style

As showing in the image below, you can see the signatures of Mr. Ratan Tata who was a chairman of TATA Groups. Such kinds of personalities describe that they are balanced in their life. No one can do questioning about their work. because they like to do everything in a very direct and simple way. That’s why such signatures show the actual mindset.

handwritten signature ideas for my name
Ratan Tata’s Signature


With this information, we can analyze the mindset of many such successful personalities from their signatures. And the most important thing is that now what we have to change in our signature which can help us to achieve our goal and define our personality in a good manner. The mentioned guidelines can be implemented by anyone who was looking for the answer to “handwritten signature ideas for my name” on the internet.

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