Vastu tips for settling abroad

Traveling abroad is kind of an opportunity that we all love to taste. Everyone has a different purpose, in which Some want to settle permanently and some for study. There are plenty of people is looking for tips which will help them to settle abroad without any constraint. Therefore, are there any Vastu tips for settling abroad? 

Of course, if you do any Vastu measures in your home, it will definitely help you to fulfill your dream of traveling abroad.

in this article, we bring very small remedies for you so that they can be easy for you to understand. The following Vastu remedies not only give you an opportunity but also help to get Visa approval.

Vastu tips for settling abroad

Vastu direction for settling abroad

First of all, It is very important for you to understand that which direction is responsible for traveling overseas. Which is a Northwest direction, known as an Air corner. The Northwest direction comes between the West and North direction. If you are seriously interested to be settled overseas then the Northwest direction should be activated according to Vastu principles. However, there are some objects that need to be avoided while activating the northwest direction.

Vastu tips for settling abroad (Things to avoid)

If you kept any object related to fire in the NW direction. Then you may have to face some hindrances in your visa applications. For example, Make sure neither should be any kitchen activities performed nor Red color painted on the walls. Furthermore, there should not be any toilets placed.

Moreover, in some houses and plots, the Northwest direction has a cut. This type of plot or house is clearly stated that you do not have any kind of possibility to go abroad. However, by applying Vastu remedies with proper information, you can make it possible in any condition.

Vastu tips for settling abroad (Things to follow)

We are going to share simple Vastu tips which will work 100%. In which you need to place a ‘World map’ in the Northwest direction. You will find it anywhere in the market. But keep in mind that, do not place in small size. If possible, buy a beautiful world map from the market and place it in the Northwest direction of your house. By applying this, within a month or hardly in a year, you will get a chance to travel overseas.

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Alternatively, If you do not get a world map, you can also use a ‘Globe’. Applying a globe will also give you the same benefit as you will get by applying a world map.

Now the question is, if there is any kind of toilet or kitchen, then how can we apply these remedies. Or it may also happen that if there is any kind of cut in the Northwest direction, then what to do?

In this case, you can apply it in the Northwest sector of your room. in which, first you have to stand in the center of your room and keep the compass in your hand. And, see in which direction Northwest corner is coming. Then, Place the world map or globe exactly in the NW direction and get results.

Keep clutter free north direction for overseas Opportunity

Apart from these, you have to keep in mind another direction which is the ‘North direction’ of your house. Because the North direction provides new opportunities in life, From where we get also a chance to go abroad. However, it is only possible if you keep clutter-free in the North Direction. If there is any kind of dirt or store then it becomes very difficult for you.

Moreover, in order to activate the north direction, you can place a ‘water fountain’. Because the Northeast direction has a water element. However, while placing the water fountain you have to take care of some instructions.

Vastu tips which makes a strong Visa Application

Now, if you have done everything is perfect by placing globe or world map and clean the north direction. But still, your work is not getting done. There must be a fault in your visa application. it could be a documentation error or the process is getting slow.

For this, you need to activate the ‘south direction’ of your house. Because the south direction is the zone of ‘power and confidence‘.

As a remedy, you need to place a dragon. because the dragon is a symbol of power, which demolish hurdles coming in the way.  You can also download it from the internet or can buy a dragon in wood material from the Market.


While applying these Vastu remedies, it becomes a part of your house. Which creates positive energies in the subject you want most in your life. Even they look like smaller steps but their impact can be above the imagination.

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11 thoughts on “Vastu tips for settling abroad”

  1. I have 12 Horses painting but in the painting it has blue colour and you mentioned that in wsw direction there should not be any fire or water element so what should I do in this case.

    • Dear Asa Nair, please do not keep such pictures which might be dangerous for you or might be good for you according to your astrology. therefore i suggest you to never keep such things without expert advice

  2. Dear Honey Handeep,

    I want to sell a Residential Land unable to sell it the Horse Picture i pasted in WSW direction in my Present House. Still did not work should i need to do any thing else and how to check exact direction using compass

    B V Suresh

    • Dear Suresh ji delaying in property selling may occur due to having a improper location and less provided amenities. For that you need to reach as much people as you can through the advertisements on news papers, websites etc. Vastu remedies is not work like a magic By applying these remedies you will get more ideas through vibes to explore some new ways to fulfill your need.

  3. Hlo sir. There is dark brown color on north wall of my bed room while beige color is on the other 3 directions. I am facing problems for abroad going. Is there any negative effect of colors ?

    • Dear Rupinder ji,

      My advice is for you to first concerned the a well known astrologer. Because in order to find the solution first it is very important to find the depth of the problem with its reasons.


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