Best direction to study for competitive exams

As the day of examination approaches, the fear starts to sit in the minds of the Students. Like whether they will be able to complete it or not. Nature says that some results depend on your hard work and some on your luck. That is why, we are sharing some Vastu tips for Best direction to study for competitive exams, Like UPSC. which will definitely give you 100 percent positive results. All you need to do is just to follow them properly, Especially on your exam dates.

Best direction to study for competitive exams
Best direction to study for competitive exams


Which are the Best direction to study for competitive exams

While studying, it is very difficult to balance the focus. If it is not properly built then you won’t be able to put your interest. There are two directions in our house that are providing the source of positive energies. From where one can get the power of concentration. Which are either from the North or the East direction.

These directions are where they can concentrate on study irrespective of any subject. Hence, it would be best if one can do study by facing North or East Direction.

The Perfect Zone of the study in the house

The west of the southwest direction is considered the zone of Education and Savings. Which decides whether children will do study or just waste their time. For example, if there is a Tv placed then they are more into watching TV rather than studying.

Moreover, if there is a picture of playing children then they love to play with their friends. Therefore, it is very important to understand the direction and balance it accordingly. For that, you need to place such elements which will help to balance the direction.

How to balance the zone of study

For remedy, you can place a library picture in the WSW direction of your house. Which you can download from the internet and take out the print and apply. But make sure the direction should be clutter-free. If this happens, then the student will never be able to concentrate on their studies.

Moreover,  If you do not know the zone of study of your house, then you can also use your room for it. The method is quite simple which you can understand by following this link. (How to check the direction of the house)

How to become more efficient in a particular subject of study

There are special Vastu tips for those who are preparing for a particular subject. when you come to know the Study zone of your house then you can also apply a proven remedy. in which you should place the syllabus of that particular subject in the WSW direction. Make sure to write your name on that book and then place it.

Besides for more power of knowledge, you can place the Maa Sarswati picture in the WSW zone. By doing this, you will definitely pass with good marks. This remedy also works if you are not interested or afraid of failing on a difficult subject.

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Extremely Helpful Tips to crack any Government competitive exam

If you are preparing for the government exam, then it would be a great tip for you. In which you have to keep an Ashoka pillar in your house. Otherwise, you can also download any picture of it.

You have to place it in the NorthWest direction of your house so that you will activate its energy. It is a very useful remedy and has been adopted by many people.

Conclusion:- (Best direction to study for competitive exams)

Before applying these remedies, Keep in mind that these tips work as a support system. It doesn’t mean that you are gonna stop studying and waiting for some magic. These tips are meant to give you success in your endeavors.

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