Happy New Year 2022 Vastu Tips For Healthy Future

Whenever the new year comes, enthusiasm arises in our minds. As we all required the opportunities that are bringing happiness and peace to our life. Do we know How do we get it? Well, it depends on the person’s perspective and how they react to things. If we let the past things sit in our minds, then we are not going to get any wealth and health benefits from it. That is why we are going to share Happy New Year 2022 Vastu Tips For Healthy Future which will help you and your family to live a prosperous life.

Happy New Year 2022 Vastu Tips For Healthy Future

Happy New Year 2022 Vastu Tips For Healthy Future

According to Vastu, the South of the Southeast direction is a zone of power and confidence. It means a lion can be considered the best example of power and confidence. Hence, one should place a picture of a lion in the SSE direction. So that we can activate it.

However, while placing it, there are the following things that should be kept in mind.

  1. Do not place any statue of a lion.
  2. Lion should not be in a hunting position.
  3. Place the picture in the exact SSE direction of your house.
  4. The picture should be reflected the young face of the lion.
  5. Avoid any picture in which a lion harming any animal.
  6. The frame of the picture should not be broken.

Bring Jasmine plant in the house

What can be a better start than planting a prosperous plant in your house? Therefore, it is advised that on the first day of the new year bring the Jasmine plant to your house. it would be very beneficial for someone who suffers from long sickness in the family. You can buy it from any nursery shop near you.

Additionally, if you cannot buy it, then you can also bring a picture of the Jasmine flower and place it in your house. But  Keep in mind that you need to do this remedy only on the first day of the new year. By doing this, the health of you and your family will start to improve a lot.

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Where to place the calendar in the home as per Vastu

in every house, we keep a calendar to keep updated for upcoming festivals and holidays. sometimes we bought it or sometimes we got gifted and replace it with the old one.  first of all, keep in mind that do not place it in the South and West direction. Because it causes health issues and ruins stability. A calendar placed in the south direction never gives a favorable time.

Hence, the new calendar should be kept in the North and East direction of the house. By following this, the work you are willing to do is always accomplished. which helps in saving money and time.

FAQs (Happy New Year 2022 Vastu Tips For Healthy Future)

can we keep a new year calendar in our bedroom?

The new year calendar should not be placed in bedrooms. because it will always remind you of the tasks which need to be done. which means a bedroom is not meant for it. We usually visit our bedroom just to get some good sleep and relaxation.

What if we keep old calendars in the house?

The major mistake people often do when they keep old calendars. They always remind our past time which could be good or bad. But we are expecting a new and good time in our future. Therefore, the old calendar should be removed from the house.

is it okay if we buy new calendars with god’s picture?

Firstly, it is strongly recommended that do not bring the calendar pasted with god’s picture. The actual place of the Lord is in the temple or pooja room, not in calenders.

Which place is good for hanging a new year’s calendar in the house?

It is suggested that the calendar should be hung either in the living room or in the study room. However, make sure they have placed in the North and East direction of the living or study room.

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