Vastu remedies and totka to get rid of debt

Having Debt is a huge burden that brings many hurdles in life. Getting rid of it in a way equivalent to getting rid of problems in life. No one prefers to get money from others in the name of debt. However, some situations do not allow one to achieve some targets in life. To resolve it,  there are some Vastu remedies and totka to get rid of debt which anyone can apply in their life.

Therefore, we are going to share some such measures by which you can also get relief from your debts. These measures also going to help you to get back the money which you have given to someone and are not able to get it back.

For this, you need to apply the following totka or remedies in your daily lifestyle.

Vastu remedies and totka to get rid of debt

Feed cow on Wednesday

In the first remedy, you need to do the measures every Wednesday. In which, first take shower and get ready in the early morning. Then, visit any cowshed near your residence. You need to buy fodder and feed it to the cows every Wednesday in a week. Do this remedy continuously till you get rid of the debt.

Furthermore, You can also do it every day, because it is considered a very auspicious ritual in Hindu scriptures. It is believed that 33 crore deities reside inside the cow. That is why feeding grass to the cow is considered very auspicious and you also get the blessings of happiness in life.

Distribute red lentils every Tuesday

In its next remedy, you need to distribute red lentils among the poor people on Tuesday. This process has to be done continuously for 21 Tuesday. Make sure, there should be no Tuesday missed in between. By doing this, you will start seeing its effect.

Along with this, you can also do the ‘Path of Hanuman Chalisa’. it is not necessary that to do this on Tuesday only. This way you will have the blessing of Shri Hanuman Ji and problems related to money will not harm you anymore.

Totka to get rid of debt

You can also get rid of debts quickly by feeding the favorite food of animals and birds. If you feed the birds daily, it will benefit you a lot.

Along with this, If you have kept any of your birds in a cage, then you must be going through some debt. Hence, Do not keep any bird in the cage in your house. Due to this, the debt starts increasing on you.

Causes of debt in Vastu

According to Vastu, the northeast direction of the house is playing a very crucial role. If you want to get rid of the money issues then this corner should be kept clean as much as you can. If there is any kind of store, bathroom, or kitchen on it, then the chances of increasing burden are more.

Thus, clean the NE corner of your house regularly so that the positive energies of this direction start benefiting you. Otherwise, it causes debts on the family.

How to get the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi

As you must know the Friday is the day of  Maa Lakshmi Ji. And, the blessing of maa Lakshmi Ji is very important in life. Especially, if you are suffering from any financial constraints.

Therefore, Prepare Kheer every Friday and offer it to Goddess Lakshmi. while offering Bhog to Maa Laxmi, you should distribute it among the other family members also. By doing this, you received the blessing of maa Lakshmi, and the matter of increasing debts will be resolved immediately.

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lit 4 faced lamp under the peepal tree

The peepal tree is considered very sacred according to Hindu scriptures. It is believed that all the deities reside in it.

If you light a 4-faced lamp with mustard oil under any Peepal tree, then it is considered very auspicious.

Conclusion:- (Vastu remedies and totka to get rid of debt)

There are many common people who are going through many types of loans. such as someone has to recover money from someone, someone has brought a loan. And, for some reason, they are not able to repay the money back. Overall, the problem of money is everywhere.

Thus, we have shared 6 remedies. Out of which whatever you find easy, you can implement in your life. When you do these measures continuously, slowly you will start getting rid of debts and loans.

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