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How to Propagate Jade Plant? Propagating jade is the most rewarding part of growing it. The trick to propagation is understanding the conditions required for cuttings to succeed. Taking the cuttings can be easily done with a few household items. A single parent jade plant can be used to propagate many younger plants. Care must be taken to keep the parent jade, younger jades, and cuttings healthy. Cuttings can be as small as a single leaf or as large as a branch. Below, you’ll find instructions for how to start the plant from both of these types of cuttings. Cuttings are very simple to perform, but time and attention must be given to encourage those cuttings to root. See full instructions below. Jade is succulent and dislikes constant moisture, which will eventually rot the very delicate, young roots. When you plant the cutting into soil, keep this in mind.
Gifting: Best for any occasion birthday, wedding anniversary, rakhi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid , Farewell
Good Luck Plant: Jade is a renowned Feng Shui plant with leaves closely resembling jade coins/stones. As per Feng Shui & Vastu it is said to attract wealth, prosperity, success and family harmony.
Care :Most important Aspect Of The Care And Maintenance Of Jade Plants Is How Much Sun They Receive. They Need To Be Placed At Least Once In A Week In Full Sun For Healthy Growth. Although Jade Plants Prefer Full Sun, But They Will Tolerate Light Shade And The Dappled Light Too To Grow Well. Water Your Jade Plant When The Top Of Soil Is Just Dry To The Touch.
Benefits :Not only does it purify air by absorbing toxic gases, but also absorbs CO2 at night. Even the extract from its leaves is said to have medicanal properties

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