Brass Strip Vastu Product/Vastu Remedy for Entrance, Maha Vastu Remedy for Toilet Correction and Zone (Brass, 12 MM, 8 FEET, 0.2MM Gauge) (Maha-vastu Remedy) (Pack of 1)

Price: ₹999.00 - ₹379.00
(as of May 01,2022 10:49:51 UTC – Details)

Metal Strips are useful in correction of negative effects of toilets and entrances without any demolitions. We can use five metal strips – copper, brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel. The use of metal strips helps to remove the negative effects of unbalanced entrances and toilets. Aluminium strip use in North, North east , north north east
Ideal of home improvement. Will adhere to almost any smooth, clean surface, bends around curves but does not stretch
Use: This Elemental Strip technique involves the use of color strips to correct the elemental imbalance in a space. In order to balance the affected zone, color strips are pasted on the floor or on the skirting along the floor.

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