Plantmojo, Combo of Golden Money, Snake & Spider Plant, in White Ceramic Pot with Saucer

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money snake spidermoney snake spider

Money plant , snake plant , spider plant , propertiesMoney plant , snake plant , spider plant , properties

money snake spider dimensionsmoney snake spider dimensions

plant mojo box containsplant mojo box contains

Spider plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from very few problems, other than brown tips (under-watering is one reason). NASA study on “interior landscape plants for air pollution abatement” found spider plant helps in reducing Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene from the air.
Golden snake is a NASA recommended Air purifier plant. Unlike most other plants which release oxygen throughout the day, it releases stored oxygen as the stomata open in the night.
All 3 plants are low maintenance as Money plant can grow under literally any condition, Spider plants can prosper in shade & Snake plants can survive in less water as well.of sun during the week, else starts shedding leaves. Jade plants can survive in less water as well.
WARRANTY: Our products come with 21 days free warranty. In case of any issues with plants/pots pls connect to the number +91 78279 10462 for care tips or replacement. CONTENTS: 1 Golden Money Plant, 1 Spider Plant, 1 Snake plant, 3 White ceramic pots with saucers, Detailed tips for care booklet for Money, Spider & Snake plants
STURDY PACKING: We ensures plants reach safely with sturdy attractive gift packing.

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