Free Vastu course online with Pdf Books

Vastu Makes Life brings Free Vastu course Online to all of you with PDF books. You may have come across numerous advertisements for free online courses. But they all have hidden charges which not everyone can afford to pay.

Therefore, First time on the internet without hiding anything you can trust us.

Free Vastu course online with Pdf Books
Free Vastu course online with Pdf Books

Details of Free Vastu course online:

You may surprise when you come to know that we will also provide Free Astrology and Astro-Vastu courses. But before learning Astrology & Astro-Vastu, it is very important to understand the concept of the Vastu Shastra. Without Vaastu Knowledge you won’t be able to deal with people’s Concern.Thus, Free Complete Vastu will be your First step in the occult world.

In the Vastu shastra, The following Lessons Shall be Discussed accordingly.

  1. Basic Vastu Shastra 
  2. Story of the Vastu Pursha Mandala
  3. 32 entrances
  4. 16 zones
  5. 5 Elements
  6. objects
  7. Bar chart
  8. Stairs
  9. How to plan a house as per Vastu shastra
  10. Remedies
  11. other Vastu tips and Tricks with free PDF file

How I can Join the class of Free Vastu shastra Course:

it is quite simple to join online Free Vastu Classes. All you have to do is just follow our YouTube channel of Vastu Makes Life. Where you can find step by step Video with Free Pdf downloadable link from Discerption.

Each and Every step shall be discussed series wise very simple way so that everyone can Understand it. Moreover, as we promise, we will attach a pdf link of the book pages which will be studied in the Video.

Click on the YouTube Icon to Join the Channel

Free Vastu course online with Pdf Books

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