Exciting Feng Shui Tips about the Mirror of your house to know how it doubles the space energy of the house !!!!

The Mirror is such an element that helps to amplify or double the amount of reflecting energies that impact you Either Negatively or Positively.

Bedrooms are a Bad choice to keep them

Because the things you keep in your bedroom are actually alive. Thus, it reflects back to you the same energy that may never let you sleep and relax. 

Make sure that your Bathroom Mirror doesn't reflect the Dustbin and Toilet seat. Hence, place it in such a position where only clean and smooth things can be visible. 

Reflecting Bed and your body part in the mirror means you are actually introducing an element to that portion of your body. Which may lead to a horrible medical condition.

The mirror is generally not a good place for the offices. Because there is too much activity bouncing back and forth. 

Place it in the Living Room from where the outside landscape can reflect through the Window. This way you are inviting all of that beautiful scenery which makes you feel good and relaxed.  

Having a Mirror is good in your Dining room. As it is considered that a mirror facing the dining table represents abundance and wealth.  

While placing Mirrors in the house we have to be very careful regarding Feng Shui rules & Must follow the several guidelines which need to be implemented in all the places of the house.