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Get Blessings for  Health Future  by Applying  Vastu Tips  on the First Day of  New Year 2022 

Do not keep old calenders

Do not let the past things sit in your minds, as it would not be benefited you in any field. Hence, do not keep Previous year calendars in the house.


Keep new Calendar in the North & East direction


Place a new calendar in the North and East direction of the living room or in the study room.  

Do not keep these Calender

It is strongly recommended that do not bring the calendar pasted with god’s picture. The actual place of the Lord is in the temple or pooja room, not in calendars.


Bring Jasmine Plant

 it is suggested that on the first day of the new year bring the Jasmine plant to your house. it would be very beneficial for someone who suffers from long sickness in the family.


Place a Lion Picture 

According to Vastu, the South of the Southeast direction is a zone of Power and Confidence. Thus, one should place a picture of a lion in the SSE direction.