Do you have any idea which Tree to plant in the house is auspicious or inauspicious?

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Bargat, Peepal, and Gular trees outside the house are considered Auspicious but planting them inside the house is not good at all. if they are in your plot, then do not cut it even by mistake.

Do not plant such trees in which milk comes out because it destroys wealth and also avoids having any type of thorny plants in the house as it creates your new Enemies

Having a delicious mango tree in the house can satisfy your cravings but it can also affect you badly. Hence, Do not plant such trees of your own free will.

You can plant Neem Tree in your house as it is considered auspicious and also provides Positive energies and Pleasant air.

Tulsi plant has great importance in Hinduism. Because it is known as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Its positive energies help to destroy the negative energy of your house.

Having an Indian Gooseberry tree in the house proves to be very beneficial in the north and east direction of the house. Because many types of diseases start getting cured by their mere consumption.

You can Plant near them a Banana tree, Tulsi plant, Ashoka, Turmeric, Neem tree, or sandalwood instead of cutting trees which gives bad effects.