32 Vastu Tips for Happy Married life

Value of Relationship 

It is a psychological fact that most of your happiness in life comes from good relations with others and most of the problems arise due to tragic relationships with others. This is proved more true when we talk about a person’s married life

Even if you have all the comforts, but if the relationship between husband and wife is tense, then these facilities will be useful only for sharing the attention and not for achieving happiness. 

Therefore, the happiness of peace is most important in family life and all other comforts are subject to it. In such a situation, the question now arises that what should be done to live a ‘Happy Married Life’?

Common Problems within Relationship

Significantly, many of you must have tried a lot at your level to improve your married life, but you never feel successful anywhere. Quarreling over small things, ignoring each other, feeling insecure, jealousy, stress about children, etc. These are some of the problems that you may be facing and this is why your relationship with your spouse is strained.
So here first you have to understand that to solve any problem, it is necessary to reach its root. These problems that you face are actually the result of those negative natural energies which are present in your house and which make the thoughts of you or your partner negative.

The flow of negative energy in any building or house is due to the architectural defects present there. This Vastu defect comes due to an imbalance between the five elements (water, air, fire, earth, sky) in the building. By re-balancing, these elements, the flow of auspicious energies in the house can be ensured.

Most often discussion within People

You may have heard this saying many times that “Ever since we came to this new house, there have been fights over everything and it does not take the name of stopping.” So what happens is that after changing a house, your relationships also change a lot with your partner. 

Actually, all this happens with the change of energy. This change in energy also changes your thoughts. 

For example, when you sit with a negative person for a long time, you will also feel a lack of energy or negativity, but when you sit with a very energetic and positive person, you will also feel energetic. So, just as a person’s energy affects you and your emotions, similarly the energy inside your home will also affect you. Because ultimately everything in the universe is a form of energy.

But the good news among all of these is that by making positive changes in the flow of these natural energies, happy situations can also be attracted to youFor this, you have to agree with your home architecture. 

And in this regard, you are being given some important tips of Vastu Shastra which are as follows: –

32 Vastu Tips for Happy Married life


Bedroom Location / Direction for Married Couples

(what to follow)

  1. The bedroom located in Nairitya (South-West) is the best direction for married couples. 
  2. According to Vastu Shastra, the bedroom of the couples in the south direction gives positivity to the relationship, enhances mutual understanding, and most importantly this place gives stability to the relationship
  3. The second best place for bedrooms is Vyavya (North-North-West)
  4. The northwest direction is especially good for new married couples. The energy in this northern air zone further strengthens the relationship between married couples. 
  5. According to Modern Vastu, this NW zone is considered the best for marital bliss
  6. If no alternative is available, bedrooms can be made either in the south or in the west-south-west. 
  7. Bed arrangements should be made in such a way that your head is towards the South or East direction at bedtime.
  8. Wood is considered good in Vastu, so the furniture in the bedroom should be made of wood. A single mattress should be used on it.
  9. You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom BUT make sure to change them often.
  10. Use Only square or rectangular Bed in the bedroom. 

      Bedroom Location (what to Avoid)

  1. The bedroom located in Ishaan (North-East)  is inauspicious.
  2. The north-East bedroom creates a situation of separation in husband and wife. Where sleeping in this zone makes men weak, the same fire element is for women, in water element-oriented direction, sleep is harmful to their health and eventually, these circumstances create tension in the relationship between husband and wife.
  3. The bed should not be made of glass or metal.
  4. Never keep thorny and bonsai plants in the room.

 Bedroom color (what to follow)

  1. Light and peaceful colors should be used in the bedroom, 
  2. In the southwest light yellow color for the bedroom create positivity
  3. In case you have a bedroom in the north you can also use the light blue color on the walls. 

  Bedroom color (what to avoid)

  1. The color in the bedroom has a profound effect on your subconscious brain: always choose light colors.
  2. Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colors.
  3. Avoid Dark color because too much darkness or dark color continuously generates negative energy, which our subconscious brain receives and affects the thoughts going on in our mind.
  4. Using Dark color create negative thoughts and running constantly in our minds, then its effect will eventually be seen in our relationships as well


Pictures or other artwork on walls
  1. The first thing is that you should not use Abstract Paintings or unusual artifacts in the name of modern art in your house. 
  2. You should always use paintings that look natural and beautiful. Because beautiful paintings or artifacts in any room or building do not only enhance the beauty of that particular place but it also affects our thoughts.
  3. Painting or photographs of marriage-related spouses, marriage albums, etc. should be kept in the south. Keeping a husband or wife photograph or album in this zone not only increases trust and understanding in the relationship between husband and wife but also establishes harmony in marital life
  4. Never keep a photograph or album of any family member in the south-south-west, south-western, or eastern flank.

Some other important tips 

  1. The zone of southwestern is a zone related to relationship, the toilet built in this zone will spoil the relationship between husband and wife. Such a situation increases the distance between husband and wife and even sometimes it causes extramarital affairs. Therefore, do not build a toilet in this zone.
  2. The kitchen is related to the fire element, it should not be constructed in Ishaan (water element-oriented direction). This creates tension in family life.
  3. If there is an extension of the house fire (south-east), solve it immediately. This will cause mutual discord and constant conflicts.
  4. Do not keep any kind of unnecessary items in your bed that will create any kind of negativity.
  5. Although the entire house should be kept clean and hygienic, more care should be taken in this regard regarding the northerly direction.
  6. Avoid sleeping in the southeast bedroom.
  7. Avoid sleeping in the north-east bedroom.
32 Vastu Tips for Happy Married life

In the end, it is important to note that it does not matter where you are coming from but it does matter where you are going. You may have struggled a lot in life till now and still have not got any positive results. 

You should not give up on this. 

To give the right direction to your struggling life, you can achieve success and prosperity by applying Vastu principles at home.

Thank you for your precious time!!!!
“God Bless you all”


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