Vastu Mirror Position [ Tips & FAQ]

The mirror or glass is a special part of houses. Everyone loves to stand in front of the mirror But its importance does not end here only. in Vastu science, the mirror has a lot of importance in the house such as Vastu direction and shapes. Placing a mirror on the walls has a great impact on the building and the energy around it.

Therefore, there is a lot of emphasis on its correct use in Vastushastra. Because the mirror can be used to change the path of any inauspicious energy. Mirrors are considered beneficial not only in Indian Vastu but also in Chinese Vastu i.e. Feng Shui.

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According to Indian architecture, mirrors play an important role in increasing positive energy in the house. Moreover, many important factors have been told by experts in relation to where the mirror should be placed and where not.


Vastu Mirror Position [ Tips & FAQ]

#1. Vastu Mirror Position 15 Tips

  1. Placing Mirrors on the North or East wall is considered very auspicious.
  2. Do not install sharp mirrors in the building. They are harmful and spread negative vibes.
  3. Placing the ‘Paqua mirror’ on the door is considered a powerful architectural symbol.
  4. In residential buildings or commercial buildings, a mirror should be installed in the North (North-East)wall. by doing this, the income starts to increase day by day.
  5. The mirrors on the walls are inauspicious in the south, south-west, and west direction. If you placed mirrors here, then it should be removed immediately.
  6. If a mirror is installed in the bedroom, then the mirror should be placed on the north or east wall.
  7.  it is considered inauspicious to place a mirror in the bedroom right in front of the bed. It is believed that this causes many health problems.
  8. A mirror in front of the bed creates great tension in the marital relationship of husband and wife. Due to this, a third person may interrupt good relations between husband and wife.
  9. According to Vastu Shastra, the mirror in the house reflects the energy of the angle or direction. Therefore, if the mirror is in a positive area then the flow of positive energy will be more in the building.
  10. To reduce the negative impact of mirrors, they should be covered or placed inside the shelves.
  11. A mirror reflecting the husband and wife sleeping on the bed can lead to divorce. Therefore, it should be covered before sleeping.
  12. Placing mirrors on small and narrow places in the building creates miraculous effects.
  13. If any part of the house is of abnormal shape or darkened, then energy can be balanced by placing a mirror.
  14. If there are electric poles, tall buildings, unwanted trees, or spiked bulbs outside the house. Because of that, you feel stressed then divert them by installing Paqua Mirror.
  15. The Mirror can be Placed above the washbasin on the north or east wall.
Do not place sharp mirrors in the building. They are harmful. Breakage of the mirror is considered inauspicious.

#2. Vastu Mirror Position [ FAQ ]

Q.What is the right direction of the mirror:-

According to Vastu Shastra, the positive energy of the universe always moves from east to west and north to south. Therefore, the mirror should always be placed on the east or north wall. Because the south or west walls reflect the energy throwback.

Q.How should be the size/number of the mirror:-

There is no hard and fast rule on numbers. Mirrors can be used in multiple numbers as per the requirement. But it should not happen that more than one glass should be mixed and used as a big glass. Because the body will look fragmented which is not correct as per Vastu rules.

Q.Caution in the use of mirrors:-

Special care should be taken that the mirror should not be broken, peaked, chopped, blurred, or dirty, wavy, or zigzagged. A mirror that does not reflect our face properly badly affects our aura. Continuous use of such mirrors produces negative energy.

Q.How should be the mirror frame:-

The mirror frame is also a very important aspect. The mirror has its own effect so much that it can double the energy wherever it is used. So the color of the frame should never be hot, sharp, or garish. The use of ruddy red, dark orange, or pink frames should be avoided. Instead, if the frame is blue, green, white, cream or off white then it is very good. If the frame breaks or falls, then it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Q.Where should not Place a mirror:-

No mirror should be placed in the bedroom where you sleep every day. Because Our own reflection in the dark at night also surprises us. if the mirror or dressing-table should be kept in such a way that the sleep does not appear in it. The TV screen also acts as a mirror and should not be placed in front of the bed. If for some reason it is difficult to do this, then the mirror should be covered with a cloth or curtain before sleeping.

Q.Other architectural uses of mirrors: –

Many more advantages can be taken with the use of mirrors. If your house or office faces southwest, placing an octagonal mirror on the doorway or wall can prevent negative energy from coming inside. If you use a round mirror to see your face, then it is very beneficial.

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