24 ways to boost Positive energy in Children’s Room

Everything in the universe needs a certain environment to grow. Children are also like a seed in which there are endless possibilities of development. (24 ways to boost Positive energy in Children’s Room)

To develop the talent of children, it is necessary to raise them in a positive environment from childhood and their bedroom plays a very important role in developing.

24 ways to boost Positive energy in Children's Room

There are several things matter such as, Where the children sleep, in which direction their room is located, in which direction is their bed, and apart from these, many things have a direct and indirect effect on their subconscious brain.

Just as trees, plants, or other things present in the world, a proper environment is needed for them to flourish. Similarly, children also need a proper environment to develop in the right direction.

Therefore, the following 24 Vastu Tips should be kept in mind while making a Kids room –

  1. The best direction for Children’s room design is West. In addition to this, North-West and West-north-west are also good. 
  2. The north or east direction is better for windows.
  3. The bed location should be in the south direction.
  4. While sleeping the child’s head should be towards the south direction.
  5. The child’s sleeping Head towards the east is also good.
  6. The main entrance of the room should be kept in the north direction.
  7. The studies table is in the east direction, it would be best. Moreover, the study table can also be kept in the North or North-East direction.
  8. While reading, keep the face of the child towards East or North (North-East).
  9. Place furniture and other heavy goods in the south-west, or west direction and keep a little distance away from the walls.
  10. A computer or laptop can be placed in the fire (south-east) Zone.
  11. Brahmasthan (center of the house) should be kept empty.
  12. Use only light colors on the walls of the room.
  13. Children’s bedrooms should never be built in the south Zone as this is not the auspicious direction for children’s bedrooms.
  14. The children’s bedroom door should not be right in front of the bed.
  15. The door of the room should never be placed in the southwest corner.
  16. Do not Keep heavy goods in the east direction.
  17. Do not place mirrors in children’s bedrooms. (Especially in front of the bed)
  18. Do not use dark colors on the walls.
  19. The furniture used in the child’s room should never be adjacent to the wall. This affects the flow of energy in the room.
  20. The lighting used in children’s rooms is neither too fast nor too slow.
  21. Children’s bedrooms should never use electronic gadgets such as television or computers. But at the present time, it is not possible to do this, so if you have to do it for some reason, then television should be placed in the southeast corner. At the same time, the computer can be placed in the north direction.
  22. It is good to use the northeast angle of the children’s room for studies. But keep in mind that no heavy goods should ever be kept in this direction.
  23. Make the bookcase in the study room in the east or north direction and it should be cleaned once a week. 
  24. One should worship Lord Ganesha regularly by putting a photo of Ganesh in the cupboard.

As children are relatively more receptive, we should be careful about the kind of energy that children are growing up around. 

If the place where he sleeps, where he spends most of his time, that place is full of positive energy, then it will also have a positive effect in the subconscious brain of children and develop them in the right direction.

In addition to this, The following direction has different attributes towards the children’s room. ((24 ways to boost Positive energy in Children’s Room))

East Direction For the study 

In the east direction, students studying for B.Ed., Administrative Services, Railways, etc. should be studying in the East direction. Because Surya Dev is the master of the east direction.

South Direction For the study 

In case you have a study room in South Direction then for the students studying B.Tech, Medical, Journalism, LA, MCA, BCA, etc is good. In the south direction, the reading table should be kept in a Fire angle(SE).

Note:- It is not good for parents if children room in the SW. Because this is the correct zone for the Master Bedroom for Breadwinners of the house.  

North Direction For the study 

The children’s room can also be placed be in the North direction for those students who preparing for MBA, Account, Music, Singing, and Bank, etc. 

Bed Location in the Children’s room decoration

The Bed is not only just use for sleeping, but it can also be used to complete projects by sitting on it many times. Therefore, it is also very important to know how to place it correctly in the children’s room.

Make sure children should not eat their meals while laying on the bed. Do not keep equipment or any Heavy items under the bed and it should always be cleaned.  

If you are using a mirror in the child’s room, then put it in such a way that it is not in front of the children’s bed. Similarly, the bathroom door of the room should also not be in front of the bed.

Colors Selection for Kid’s Room

Each color has its own different importance in life. It also affects your mood. Therefore, such colors should be used in the children’s room which provides them happiness and mental peace. 

According to Vastu, green color is considered to be the most suitable color for the child’s room. Actually, green color is associated with peace and freshness, so it will always keep your baby fresh.

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