Home decor: 7 Tips for small Bedroom

Sometimes it becomes a big challenge to design a small bedroom as per the requirement. To decorate any room first we must familiar with our basic requirements such as colors, curtains, Lighting furniture and so on. Utilizing these things can make a quite easy when you completely understand the proper guidelines of Home decor.

Therefore, the following topics will help you to find out the best home decor ideas for small bedrooms.

  1. Wall decoration
  2. Magnify your space with a mirror
  3. Curtains height
  4. Light color palette
  5. Use Corners
  6. Hidden Storage
  7. Lighting

7 Home decor Tips for small Bedroom

#1. Wall decoration

Do not forget that you have vertical space. you can use your walls by using attractive designs. The wall space can be incorporated by making bookshelves, wall-mounted, or storage.  Remember that vertical storage gives the illusion of a more spacious room. in a small bedroom make your walls work every time.

#2. Magnify your space with a mirror

A bedroom space can be magnified by placing a mirror in the appropriate location. The illusion created by the mirror can expand your small bedroom to look bigger. The natural light coming out of the window can be reflected in your bedroom by placing a mirror in different ways.

Moreover, incorporating some mirrored furniture is also a clever way to reflect light. Here one thing makes sure that, Before using a mirror avoid some overloaded and detailed frames. 

#3. Curtains height

A small bedroom can be looked more spacious by adding curtains in different ways.  The curtain rod should be mounted close to the ceiling instead of at the window frame. By doing this, the floor-length curtain will draw the eye upward along the entire length of the curtains. it creates the illusion of height.  

#4. Light color palette

Color selection is the most important factor of all Spaces Especially for Bedrooms. Like we all know using light colors on walls, floors, and Furniture is the best way to enhance its beauty. Generally, It is a fact that light colors are very much responsive to make a room look bigger and brighter. Because of the walls reflecting more in light shades. Besides, it also feels open and airy while entering the bedroom.

On the other hand, Dark colors tend to absorb light which makes a room look smaller. Dark color should be used in Large scaled areas with good natural lighting.

The most preferable colors for a small bedroom are white, light grey, and cool colors. Blue and green colors in a light tone give the sense of freshness. They will make your bedroom fresh, brighter, and calming. Moreover, Adding Wood elements with a light color in the bedroom creates warmth and calming concept. 

#5. Use corners (Home decor for small Bedroom)

In a small bedroom, you can push your bed against the corner. Generally, we place the bed in the center of the room. However, to utilize the space in a better way we can push our bed against the wall. By doing this, we can maximize the floor space in order to have a comfortable way to circulate. Furthermore, We can use the left space for furniture placement in your bedroom. Like a console, dresser, or vanity table. 

#6. Hidden storage

Use under-bed storage to stash out of season clothing.  You can also use an ottoman for hidden storage. it can be used for multiple purposes. For example, use an ottoman as a sitting for your vanity table but with hidden storage. It will work as the same piece when you need a footrest.

#7. Lighting

Adding lights in the bedroom has the greatest impact on interior design. I personally recommend having different layers of lighting setup. You will need to have ambient or general lighting combined with task lighting sources. Such as table tamps for your desk or wall lamps for reading on your bed. 

Last but not least, remember that in small spaces everything needs to be functional.  Another recommendation you can use transparent furniture made with acrylic or glass. The transparent piece can be the chair that you will use for your workstation desk, nightstand, or shelves. By using them, you will trick your eyes and brain into thinking that space is bigger than what it really is. because the transparent furniture takes zero visual weight.

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