Vastu for Dining room

It is very hard to find some leisure time for the family from busy schedules. However, the dining room is a place where one can sit with family, eat meals, and can share the entire day’s issues.(Vastu for Dining room)
Moreover, The dining room is a hub where visitors or guests can be served and entertained also. This room is intended to get each person closer and have a chit chat gathering with each other.

Vastu for Dining room
In other words, we can call it “The Gathering Place”. you may call it whatever name but understanding its significance is a very important step to take. A healthy life is not enough to just eat delicious and nutritious food. But it is also seen that it should be eaten in the right direction.
Vastu rule says that eating food in the right direction of the house keeps all family members healthy. Eating food in the wrong direction can cause many health problems. For the good health of all the family members, it is important to know in which direction is good for the dining room.

Vastu for the Dining room: Major tips

The food should be digested properly and the satisfaction of the dining should be according to the Vastu rules.
  1. The best zone for the dining room is “West”.
  2. North and east can be kept as a second option.
  3. The dining area and kitchen floor level should be the same.
  4. The dining room should be “hospitable and comfy”.
  5. Before start eating, the head of the family must be facing towards the East.
  6. Avoid children sitting in the south-west zone as it becomes the reason for the control of the house and prevail over their parents.
  7. The dining area should away from the bathroom as it is considered very unhygienic and uncomfortable to eat near the bathroom.
  8. If possible avoid facing towards the south while dining. it may the reason for small disputes among families.
  9. Avoid the door in the south direction.
  10. The best door directions of the room are East, North, or west walls.
  11. Make sure the dining table shape should be rectangular or square.
  12. Avoid circular, oval, or any other shape.
  13. If the dining table place in the south-west corner then makes sure the table should not touch the walls.  Always keep enough space between the dining chair so that anyone can get up easily.
  14. Avoid the dining table behind the slab beam.
  15. To keep drinking water, use the northeast zone.
  16. Color choice should be according to Vastu principles but make sure color should always be light.

Vastu for the Dining room: Facts

Tendency increases towards junk food

Having a Dining hall in the east direction, the people living here always think about eating outside food. Which adversely affects their health. Their tendency towards junk food increases.

Decorating Dining table

The dining room should be decorated in such a way that it helps to have a peaceful meal with medium light. Eating food while watching TV or reading something diverts attention from the food. Which does not reveal the taste of the food. Therefore, food is always better by taking awareness and interest.

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Moreover, The walls of the dining room should not have pictures depicting war, hunting, bloodied scenes, dry land, and gloom. A basket filled with fruits on the dining table proves to bring auspiciousness and prosperity. If this is not possible, you can also put an attractive picture of fruits or wavy crops on the wall.

Importance of North-East direction

Eating food continuously by people in the north-east direction always takes beverages with their food. Such people prefer normal eating. Eating too spicy is also not in their nature.

South East Dinning

In the dining hall in the southeast direction, people always feel full of hunger and very conscious about eating meals at the right time.
Eventually, According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to dine is in the west of the house. In such a situation, the dining hall on the west side of the house gives auspicious effects. Eating in this zone fulfills all the food requirements and provides nutrition, which leads to good health. If it is not possible to eat here due to any reason, north-east or east direction is another option. 

Make sure the dining room should be avoided in the south-west direction of the house. Because eating here does not give any kind of strength and nutrition to the body. At the same time, the possibility of bitterness in relationships increases.

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