Material Selection: 6 interior design mistakes

People often do 6 interior design mistakes when it comes to material selection for homes. These interior design mistakes are not so big if you prepare yourself earlier.

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 major mistakes that everyone repeatedly does whether it be dealt with by an expert or a beginner. We will also discuss how to avoid and what measures should be taken. So that next time when you go for the material selection you will be prepared in every possible way.

Material Selection: 6 interior design mistakes

#Prepare your Selection to avoid the interior Design mistakes

Before leaving home for the material selection, it is very important to prepare your mind first. You should have some idea of color, texture, and the product.

For better understanding, you can also download the images and printed them to carry. When you reached the showroom first show the picture to the showroom staff so they will be able to guide you accordingly.

#Measuring the Area to check the material availability 

it is really important to know the area of walls or carpet area of the floor. So when you are in the showroom if you like a particular product you can ask if that product is available in the required quantity.

Here, One mistake people often do that they never count the skirting area which could cause a material shortage.

#Set your budget

Do not ever confuse the showroom staff while material selection. First, tell them your budget so that they display those products which are you interested in. Sometimes people choose the product without knowing its cost and you have to visit the shop again which becomes the time-consuming process.

# Material Selection Technique

if you planning to have tiles or laminates for a vertical surface then you have to hold it vertically. Because Materials need to be viewed properly as they will be installed in the space. Similarly, if you planning to buy curtains, you will get a catalog then you have to hold it vertically the way it will mount in your house.

#Material Selection from Small Samples

While material selection most of the consultant provides you catalogs or Brouchers. It is very hard to visualize from the sample pieces. I personally suggest that to visit any nearby showroom if you are serious about the interior perspective.

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In showrooms, there are multiples laminate sheets displayed in standard sizes. It is very important to see the full sheet before finalizing the material because what you see in small size samples is just a part of the full sheet.

#Selecting Material in Display Lighting

selecting Material in showroom display light is one of the biggest mistakes. Because the color of the material looks completely different when you see that in artificial light and in natural light. you can insist to set the material in natural light.

First, you have to shortlist a certain product which you like and request them to place in daylight. if it is not possible then you can see the product in basic light.

#Material Selection Tips (To avoid the 6 interior design mistakes)

  1. Do not ever select material when you completely tired or exhausted. Because Tiredness can slow your decision making skill.
  2. Materials selection takes time so you have to keep patience and prepaid your mind accordingly.
  3. While selecting make sure to get the expert advice first.
  4. Preparing a theme for a particular space is a must. By doing this, it will be easy for you to select the items.
  5. Furniture choice depends on the space available. That is why get measurements properly.
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