Plenty of Mistakes in West Facing House size 25′-0″X 50′-0″

Most people are afraid to buy a West Facing House. Even, I also suggest to my clients to keep the west-facing direction in the fourth option. (Plenty of Mistakes in West Facing House size 25′-0″X 50′-0″)

The reason behind this is that it has a demon’s entrance in the South-west direction. People are not familiar with it and they do mistake by choosing SW direction for main entrances.

Plenty of Mistakes in West Facing House size 25'-0"X 50'-0"

(Plenty of Mistakes in West Facing House size 25′-0″X 50′-0″)

The same mistake has done by one of my clients that appeared in the drawing displayed above. In this article, I will explain a West Facing House size 25′-0″X 50′-0″ with plenty of mistakes. We will find out possible solutions. So that people who live here can relieve themselves from disasters and disappointments.
“Let’s begin with the first to seven numbers mentioned in the drawing which need to be rectified.”

1.South-West Entrance:-

As you can see in the image the main entrance of that house indicating in the Southwest zone. In Vastu Shastra, the South-West direction entrance is considered as Devil’s Entrance. if the same situation you have been facing then this ought to be solved with Vastu remedies.
One remedy can be used here which is that you should place Pancmukhi Shri Hanuman Ji’s picture facing South-West. 

2. North-West Drawing room:- 

North-West zone is an ideal place for the Guest room, children’s room, dining area, or Toilet. if you have a drawing-room here then you can also convert this place to a guest room.

3. North, North-East zone staircase:-

Staircase in the Northern and the North-east corner can create serious problems relating to the head and shoulder. This is the zone where Vastu Purusha’s head laid in the northeast. Heavy structures or items should be avoided such as a pillar, storeroom, cupboard, and staircase, etc. The idol zone for stairs is south and west. 

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 4.North-East Bedroom:-

North-East entrance is known as God’s Entrance. if you have a Bedroom here then make sure all the auspicious activities should be done here such as Pooja, Chanting, or Prayers. A newly married couple should not sleep here. Old-aged family members can sleep here and if possible then use this room as a Pooja/Temple room.

5. South-East Bedroom:-

South-East direction can be used as a storeroom for electrical or mechanical equipment. Having a bedroom in the South-East zone is good for unmarried girls.

6. Kitchen in the “South” Zone:-

South-East is the best option for a Kitchen Because South-East has a Fire Element. South Zone is an idol for Store Room, Staircase Block, or any other type of Heavy Structure. if you have a south-facing kitchen then the gas burner should be placed in east-facing, storage grains in the southwest, and the Kitchen sink in the northeast direction.

 7. South-West Porch:-

As you can see in the image that the porch is in the south-west direction which is a big architectural flaw.
Stability is very important in life and all the positive energies of good relationships and skills come from the SW corner. 
South-West is an idol zone for Master Bedroom. As this zone develops the economic status and gives you strength and stability in life.

  Vastu Tips (Plenty of Mistakes in West Facing House size 25′-0″X 50′-0″)

  1. The drawing room should be used as a Guest room in the North-West Zone.
  2. Avoid the south-west entrance and try to keep the main entrance from the exact center of the West direction.
  3. Do not keep heavy items in the North-East Zone.
  4. A breadwinner of the Family should sleep in the South-west zone. if it is not possible then make it possible.
  5. while cooking in the south direction kitchen one’s face should be towards the East direction.
  6. if you have stairs in the North-East or in the north Zone then place a pair of turtles behind the first riser of the stairs.
  7. in the South-West entrance keep a Shri Hanuman Ji’s picture at the door and also get the Vastu expert’s Advice.
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