A Proper Process of Mind to Fulfill Your Wish- How to make your wishes come true- Vastu science

It is believed that around the human mind there are two points formed, as the same two points formed around the moon. A wish-fulfillment process of mind is most likely dependent on these two forms.
Our thought process access by these two points which are called Rahu and KetuThat means the human mind operates by these two forms.

What activities does Rahu and Ketu in the human mind?

Rahu means Brahm(illusion), Human mind always stays in Brahm, like we always are a daydreamer. whenever we see any luxurious things, we suddenly start making thought about having them.
Rahu is always working on something to acquire. if anything captured by someone in his life, then understand it, that there must be a Rahu behind it.
A Proper Process of Mind to Fulfill Your Wish- How to make your wishes come true- Vastu science


Ketu operates the opposite thought process in our minds. Ketu says you have nothing, not even body is yours. Our body is like a costume, which we have to change at one moment.
What Ketu does?  Ketu says you acquire everything but what will you do with these things, that is why it is called Maya.  (Mayawi).
Rahu and Ketu are those points formed around the mind which are operating your whole life. In the day, the time you are eating and working, the Rahu is active. Whenever you get to sleep, at that time immediately Ketu gets Active.
if you wish to have anything in your life until you do not acquire that, you have respect for that, but when it comes in your hands, that becomes useless for you. 
Then, The new wish getting generates in your mind, a new universe takes birth, which means Rahu and Ketu again ready to start playing their role in the inner mind.

A Wish fulfillment Process

The whole day Rahu is operating your life when you are going to sleep then suddenly Ketu activates.

At the time of transformation, the process of wish-fulfillment starts because when a wish received by your subconscious mind then it will be definitely fulfilled.

Whenever anything starts running inside your subconscious mind then the whole universe energies start helping to achieve it.

Remedy for Wish fulfill

There is also an easy remedy that can be used to pass the signal to the universe about our desires by the Subconscious mind.

Before applying it, first forget about the directions, whether it is East, North, West, or South, and then Write your Wish, which you want to achieve, then paste it on the wall of your room where sleep. Make sure the wish you have written, it should in clear words, like a clear message to the universe.

For Example, if you need a home then write what type of home you want, it could be anything whether it is a bungalow or Penthouse. You can also hire an architect to make a drawing of it. After it is done, then Paste it on the wall of your room.


Things to keep in mind before pasting your wish on the wall

A wall where you paste your wish, make sure when you wake up, that wall should be the first place you first see in the morning.
A Proper Process of Mind to Fulfill Your Wish- How to make your wishes come true- Vastu science

In the Morning, You rise like a sun, which means you are an East itself, and your feet towards the West, whenever you sit after wake up your position is at 180 degrees

The transaction of the subconscious to the conscious mind begins. When you see your wish on the wall your subconscious mind holds and starts manifesting it. Because Sunrise from the East and it sets in the West, at that period of time desires fulfilled in your life
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