How to know Vastu Dosh in the house and how to balance them

Being a Vastu Expert, It is very important to understand how to know Vastu Dosh in the house and how to balance them by balancing five elements. There are three major forces playing a very crucial role in Vastu shastra.

#1.The Three Major Forces

These three forces are part of Vastu principles and belong to…

  • Brahma’s energy
  • Vishnu’s energy
  • Shiva’s energy

Brahma’s energy helps in creating any energy in the space. Vishnu’s energy helps to maintain the cycle. When a cycle is completed, is called a Lord Shiva, which means completion. Whenever something is happening in human life, these major forces are always behind it.

According to Vastu’s point of view, when you enter any house or any space and if you get succeeded to balance all the five elements in the house. Then, Harmony and prosperity start flourishing in the house. Therefore, To maintain the cycle of balance and cycle of completion, that depends on your creation.

“So there are three forms of energies, which you have to utilize in your whole Vastu journey to remove the Vastu dosh”.

How to know Vastu Dosh in the house and how to balance them

#2. How to find the Vastu dosh in the house?

if any person comes to the office to get the Vastu solution, then being a Vastu consultant it is our responsibility to catch the right point. We have to understand which element is disturbed in his or her house.

When a client is explaining the problem, then the First rule of Vastu is to pay the attention to each and every word of the client. They will reveal the Vastu dosh by expressing their thoughts.

As we all must know that The client’s subconscious mind is the 16 direction of the house”. 


By understanding the subconscious mind of the client, it will be cleared that, which element is imbalanced in his house. Significantly, It is our duty to find out a solution which forces will be applied to solve the Vastu dosh.

#3. What will happen if the wrong element placed in a different zone?

Let me explain to you with examples so that you would understand it clearly:-

For Example, When the client says they always feel angry, then, the sign is indicating that there is a Fire element in the North-East(Water element) Direction.

The North-East direction has also a mind’s part of Vastu Purusha. The waves of anger belong to the fire element (South-East). So, whenever someone says that they always feel irritation, then understand that the fire element is creating problems in the North-East direction.

On the 2nd layer, when someone says the mind does not stable in one place, that clearly indicates that there is an Air element in the North-East zone.



If unnecessary thought coming, that means in the NE zone has an excessive amount of water element existing which is not required. The process of the thoughts coming and going is belong to the Water Element.

#4.How to Balance the Vastu Dosh in the House

To rectify that zone, We need to create something to balance the zone with the help of Vastu science. For a better solution, you have to listen to your clients very consciously.

That is why, Words of the people will tell you that, which element is present in the wrong direction. This is a part of the practice to become an efficient Vastu Expert.

You do not need to see any Map or any Drawing. People will tell you by their words about the state of their homes and all you need to do is just balance the only direction which is most affected with Vastu dosh.

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