Small Apartment Designing Tips

Small apartments can also be comfortable and stylish. When it comes to designing small spaces it is all about tricking the eye to believe that space is much larger. Decorating and designing small spaces is all about visual manipulation. (Small Apartment Designing Tips)

Small Apartment Designing Tips

#1. A mirror can extend your space

Placing a mirror in right place is all about manipulation in a small apartment. We can use a large mirror to give the illusion of expansion to the room.  it makes a larger appearance and looks natural by reflecting artificial light.

Moreover, The best place for a mirror is opposite a window. So that it can reflect light and outside view as much as possible.

#2. Multifunctional furniture

Multi-functional furniture is beneficial in many ways. Pieces of furniture can serve multiple purposes. Because they have the capability of adapting to many situations depending on the activity.

For example, A coffee table with hidden storage and an ottoman that serves as a coffee table or as a seat when you have many guests at home. Always remember the golden rule which is that everything needs to be functional in small spaces. That is why always Buy furniture that can be easily rearranged as needed.  you need to be able to reorganize your living area. with ease at any given time. 

#3. Light and transparent objects

Weightless and transparent furniture is always the best choice under the circumstances. While furniture selection first considers its visual and weight. if you are using transparent objects then your eyes will view more of the space.

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Transparent objects help trick your mind into thinking that it’s bigger than what it really is. Avoid keeping very big, heavy, and solid objects at home. Always choose furniture made of light material to avoid crowding the space with too much information.

#4. Light and fresh color palette

Light colors on walls have always been the best choice in few decades. A room with light colors feels bigger and brighter because the surfaces reflect more light. By using light color, will make walls appear to recede, creating a bright feel.

#5. Architectural lighting

Lighting is key but even more to small spaces. it is a better idea to use ceiling mounted light but avoid floor lamps or big lamps. you can consider wall lamps if you have the possibility to light up your space through architectural lighting.

You can feel more space by using mimicking LED strips to define volumes and to provide the necessary ambient lighting.

#6. levitate furniture (Small Apartment Designing Tips)

Wall-mounted objects are everything for small spaces. you can make your walls work every time by using a simple trick. In a simple trick, you can make your small space bigger by getting off the furniture from the floor.

The space flowing under the wall-mounted furniture makes the room seem much roomier and more open. 

#7. Interior Plantation

Decorating the interior with nature plants is always been a good idea. Greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. if you don’t have space on the floor no problem.

You can use hanging plants or sky planters if you do not have extra space on the floor. By adding sky planters you can bring modernity and chicness to your room.

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