Vastu for Shops: Grocery/General store and Shops

In today’s competitive world, It is very hard to find success in the field where you work as an owner of shops, grocery, and general stores. There are three essential parts that need to be followed for good business. These essential parts are Teamwork, Good services, and Good quality. (Vastu For Shops)

In addition, Vastu science has given instructions for Business Growth in the field of Grocery and General stores. By arranging the grocery stores according to Vastu rules gives immense benefits.

In this article, We are going to discuss Vastu rules for one such workplace i.e. grocery store (Karyana Store).

  1. A grocery store Entrance & Shapes
  2. Grocery items Storage Place
  3. Vastu for Shop Tips for Grocery Store

Vastu for Shops: Grocery/General store and Shops

#1. A grocery store Entrance & Shapes

You may familiar with the previous article where we already discussed the five positive direction entrances for all workplaces. Such Directions are North, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, and West of Northwest direction. These directions are favorable for all types of businesses.

The shape of the store should be either square or rectangular. in the shape of the shop, any corner cut is not acceptable. if we talk about the plot corner’s extension, then only the Northeast extension is considered auspicious. Irregular shapes of the plot can cause a huge loss of the Business.

#2. Grocery items Storage Place

The entrance of the grocery store is not the only major concern. The arrangement and placement of the items are also mandatory. According to Vastu, While organizing grocery stores there are directions fixed for different grocery items.

North, Northeast, East direction Should be considered for lightweight items. Northeast constitutes of water element. Hence, all water-based products should be kept in the northeast direction. Such as packaged drinking water bottles, cold drinks, juices, etc. one should place such items that can be easily lifted from one place to another. You can keep Biscuits, sausage, shampoo, brushes, etc.

Moreover, The NE direction is known as Lord Shiva Place.  A place of prayer like the pooja room or temple can also be made for worshipping in the NorthEast direction. It brings positivity a lot and the owner becomes spiritual by nature.

Southeast direction constitutes the fire element. Therefore, all the products related to fire or electricity should be in the SE direction. Basically, The SE direction is for Kitchen where all the activities related to fire are conducted. Such items that mostly used in the kitchen can be placed in the southeast direction. These items are edible oil, ghee, butter, cheese, dry fruits, matchboxes, candles, medium weight food grains packets, etc. Additionally, a deep freezer and refrigerator are the most used items in the kitchen which are also suggested to keep in the SE direction.

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South and Southwest direction represent earth elements which bring stability.  Having an owner’s sitting arrangements and cash box in the Southwest direction is considered auspicious. it brings stability to the thought process of the owner. Which leads to good results for the business. While working owner should face towards North, Northeast, or east direction. Moreover, All the heavyweight products should be placed in the SW direction.

West and Northwest direction represent Air elements. Hence, all air-based products should be kept in the NW direction of the grocery store. Such items are perfumes, sprays deodorants, and  Fast Moving Products should be kept in the NW direction. Besides, The perishables items like bread, milk, eggs, all vegetables, and fruits, fish, meat, cakes, can be kept in the NW direction.

The Brahmsthan(Center of the house)  of the grocery store should be kept empty or lightweight as much as possible. if for any reason you are not able to keep the Brahmsthan empty, then at least try to keep the center point should be open.

#3. Vastu for Shop Tips for Grocery Store

  1. The garbage of the Shop should never be put in front of the store.
  2. Avoid any large tree or electric pole in front of the Store.
  3. Stores in the SouthEast direction can use Red, Pink, Orange, or violet color.
  4. keep the Cash Box on your left side and if you sit facing east, keep the Cash Box on the right.
  5. it is suggested to keep the vessel ie the pitcher, water filter, water dispenser in the north-east direction.
  6. The slope of the north-facing shop floor should be from the south to north or west to east.

Eventually, these are the basic terms that need to be applied while organizing the General/grocery store or any shop. By applying all these instructions you will find your shop having more sales than other shops. If you are thinking about buying or leasing a new store then make sure the minor Vastu changes can bring a positive flow.

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    • ALL you need to know is the center part of your shop then stand thereby holding the compass and keep your face towards the main entrance of the shop. The showing direction in the compass will be your shop direction.


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