Swastika Symbol Benefits

Swastika symbol Benefits depicts from Lord “Shri Ganesha Ji” son of Lord Shiva. The swastika symbol is a combination of two words “SU” and “ASATI”. The meaning of “Su is Good” and Asati means “Exist”. By placing It at the main entrance of the home, will spread “positive energies” and protect from negativity. Besides, it is a sign of peaceful energy, it can be placed in “Any direction”.

Swastika Symbol Benefits

It brings prosperity and good luck to the family members.  We can place it in any form whether it be a pyramid swastika or in copper etc. you can also make a color print and place it on the wall of the main entrance. Moreover, there are various “online websites” where you can buy as per your choice. People make a swastika sign in the place of worship or on an auspicious occasion.

How incorrectly drawn Swastika brings negative energies?

Swastika the symbol should be correctly drawn. Otherwise, it can be the reason for the “destruction”. An instance, You might remember that the “Nazi ’s” sign was quite similar to “Swastika”. But drew in the “incorrect direction” and believed in the cause of “Hitler’s fall and devastation”.

Swastika Symbol Benefits

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Swastika Symbol Benefits

Things Should keep in mind before placing it:-

  1. It should be correctly drawn.
  2. Some people regularly use this symbol during Worshiping for well-being and good luck.
  3. In India Most of families starting any new work with the swastika symbol. They draw It with “turmeric or vermilion”. It brings positive vibrations and gives a good beginning in business.
  4. Lord Ganesha Ji’s” picture can also be used instead of the Swastika symbol.
  5. Make sure Lord Ganesha Ji’s picture should be installed “back to back on the wall”.
  6. There are also other sacred symbols that can be used for positivity. Such as the ‘Om’ symbol, ‘Ek Onkar’ symbol, ‘Navkar’ symbol, ‘Om-Swastika Trishul’.
  7. According to Vastu principles, the Best direction of the main entrance of the house is North-East which is considered a “god’s entrance”. if the sign of the swastika place here, it brings more positive energy than other directions.
  8. Swastika symbol can also be drawn on white paper and can be kept where children are studying.
  9. if you want to earn profit in any of your work or business. then, you should make a swastika mark on the wall in the west direction of your house. You will get a lot of profit in this business.
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