Vastu For Shops: How to increase foot traffic in shops

These days shop owners are facing cut-throat competition in every business. Increasing heavy competition is the main reason for decreasing profits. In every field, People giving their best so that they can get maximum profit. (Vastu For Shops: How to increase foot traffic in shops)
Most people prefer to open their own shop instead of doing any job. Unfortunately, many times that shop does not give profits, which causes the shopkeepers to get upset. However, if you take care of Vastu and some daily activities of the shop then desired results can be achieved.
Vastu For Shops: How to increase foot traffic in shops
There are some laws of nature, which help us to fight against the problems. Nature teaches us how to balance our life by applying proper guidelines. Firstly, By applying Vastu principles we can either fight with problems or find a solution to problems. Secondly, If you are going to open a shop then the following Vastu tips may help you to give your best.
  1. Shop sizes as Per Vastu
  2. Vastu for Shop’s Functioning area
  3. How to increase foot traffic in shops
  4. Vastu Tips For Shops
It is believed that making a Shop according to Vastu guidelines, brings success, peace, and economic growth in life. Therefore, Before starting any new construction of shops several things should be kept in mind such as the placement of Cash counter, shop material, etc.

The size of the Shops is larger from the front and smaller from the back are considered Auspicious. Conversely, Having a smaller size from the front and larger from the back, is not considered good for commercial purposes.

Apart from this, If the shop is equally wide in all directions, or it is square, then visiting these shops is also considered beneficial in all aspects.

#2. Vastu for Shop’s Functioning area

  1. A small Pooja room should be made in the north-east corner.
  2. Avoid keeping toilets in the north-east and southeast corner of the shop.
  3. it is suggested to keep the vessel, water filter, water dispenser in the north-east direction.
  4. it is recommended that food storage or any cooking appliances should be kept in the southeast corner.
  5. Stairs should be kept in the Southern wall or in the Western wall. Moreover, Do not build toilets or Pooja room under the stairs.
  6. The accounts department in the offices should be in “the north”. Hence, If there is an accountant or CA, then he/she should sit in the same direction.
  7. While working the shopkeeper or the salesmen should face towards north or east. facing west or south while sitting on the counter is not considered auspicious.

#3.How to increase foot traffic in shops

  1. Shops should always be cleaned as much as possible.
  2. The swastika symbol should be designed on the wall of your shop.
  3. Keep the cash counter of the shop on the north side and never leave it empty.
  4. Every day in the shop, you should pay attention to your deity or any goddess whom you worship every day.
  5. The idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh should be kept in the northeast direction of your counter.

#4. Vastu Tips For Shops

  1. A shop entrance NE, NNE, and ENE is good.
  2. Floor sloping towards North-East is excellent.
  3. Do not place any heavy items in North-east Zone.
  4. A good lighting arrangement should be provided in shops.
  5. Clean shop regularly because dust reflects negative energies.
  6. If you looking for a new plot then ignore a North-East cut Plot.
  7. If possible avoid entrance like southeast, northwest southwest, and southeast.
  8. A horseshoe can also protect you from evil eyes. Also, you can this as remedy in West facing shops.
  9. Heavy items should be kept in South-west South or west direction. Such as Almirah, stock or racks, etc.
  10. You can also use lemon and green pepper to run the closed shop well. According to Vastu,  hang one lemon and seven green pepper on the front of your shop on Saturday.
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