Vastu Tips for Office: New office arrangement

Some people do not faith in Vastu Shastra they do not even believe in this kind of ancient phenomenon. However, I must say that Vastu Shastra is a science that provides us a peaceful atmosphere. (Vastu Tips for Office: Temple, New office arrangement, Filing Storage ) 
When we are ready to start a new business it is necessary to understand our customer’s needs properly. Just as we work in a planned way to do the right and successful work in life. Exactly the same rules apply to our places where we live, whether it is our home or our office. If there are favorable Vastu vibes, then our strategies also become correct.
The following Vastu tips for the office which we are going to discuss ahead:-
  1. Temple in The office
  2. New office arrangement as Vastu
  3. Office filing arrangements as Vastu
  4. Vastu Tips for Office 

Vastu Tips for Office : Temple, New office arrangement, Filing Storage 

#1. Temple in office

Having a temple in the house is not only beneficial but also in the offices. Although it is not enough just to have a temple, it is also important to consider the architectural measures related to it. If you follow these things then negative energy will never enter your office.

The god to whom you strongly believe must be kept in the Office Temple. Make sure the picture or Sculpture of god should not be crooked. You can keep two pictures of one god in different places but avoid keeping them in the same place.  Apart from this, Avoid picture which depicts a war such as Mahabharat. The idols of God with a gentle, beautiful, and blessed posture should always be kept in the offices. it is believed that this brings positive energy to the offices.

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Moreover, The color of the Lord’s temple should be very gentle and soothing to the mind. it is advisable to have light yellow color or another color on the walls of the house of worship. it is good to choose light yellow or white-colored stones for the floor

Vastu Tips for Office : Temple, New office arrangement, Filing Storage 

#2. New Office Arrangement as Vastu

 To increase the standard of the office the senior head sitting arrangement should be kept in the South-West direction. Such as CEO, MD, or senior executive of the offices.
  1. The northwest zone is ideal for the field staff to sit’. it helps to bring ‘the desired results.
  2. The North-East zone is preferable for Middle Manager.
  3. The accounting staff can also sit in the South-west zone.
  4. North-East zone is ideal for ‘Receptionists’. Where pooja area can also be Kept.
  5. Make sure the center point of the office should be empty.
  6. Avoid keeping circular shape tables. Use only rectangular shapes.
  7. Do not keep any water bodies in the South or in the SouthEast direction. Such as tube well, and boring, etc.
  8. North-west is an ideal zone for ‘the marketing office’. It helps to grow the sales.
  9. A small kitchen or pantry room should be located in the northwest or in the south or southeast zone.
  10. Make sure a ‘temple’ should not be behind the owner sitting.
  11. If possible ‘cashier’ should be sitting in the north area where Lord Kuber Ji (god of wealth) is sitting.

#3. Office filing arrangements as Vastu

Most of the work-related data stored in the files. Before moving to a new office there are certain arrangements which should keep in concern.

  1. ‘Personal files’ of the owner should be kept on the South-west shelf.
  2. ‘Accounts-related’ files should keep on the South-east corner shelf.
  3. ‘Purchasing’ related files should keep in the South-west.
  4. ‘Real estate’ files should keep on the South-west shelf.
  5. ‘Sharing business’ files should keep in the North-west wall.
  6. ‘Raw material’ files –in South-west cabinet.
  7. ‘Income tax, sales tax, and excise tax’ file south-west corner shelf.
  8. Staff and worker files in the north-west shelf.
  9. Pending bills file – if it is on the North-west shelf it will help in getting early recoveries.

#4. Vastu Tips for Office (Advice to Avoid)

  1. Do not construct any permanent structure in the center of the office. which is known as Brahmsthan in Vastu Shastra.
  2. Staff Cabins should not be kept in the West Zone. As it is found that the employees may leak confidential information or they are very talkative.
  3. The Cashier sitting in the South-west zone would be beneficial.
  4. Avoid harsh lights or lots of glare. it can be caused by irritability and exhaustion.
  5. dark colors in the office as it creates negativity.
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