Bathroom and Toilet: Important information as per Vastu

It is been a trend of having a toilet and bathroom attached with the Bedrooms. However, we must know that toilets are the major source of negative energies. The less toilet room inside the house the more you safe from the negative energies.  it can be raised health issues among family members. While analyzing Vastu for the home we must know where to keep toilets and bathrooms in the house. So that we can “prevent negative energies” enter in the house.

In this article, I will share the best location of toilets and bathrooms in the houses with effective Vastu tips. The following topics are going to cover in this article.

  1. No fixed direction of the toilet inside the house as per Vastu
  2. The ideal location of Bathroom and toilet in the House
  3. Vastu tips for Bathroom and Toilet
  4. Things to Avoid


Bathroom and Toilet: Important information as per Vastu

#1. No fixed direction of the toilet inside the house as per Vastu

Vastu Shastra has some rules and regulations associate with every part of the house. if they are not following- then you may have to face some issues in your life cycle. These rules must be applied while preparing an “architectural plan” of the house. However, there is no fixed direction of placing a Toilet in a house according to Vastu Shastra scripture. I would say that a house inside a toilet can not be considered a fully following plan according to Vastu rules.

However, there is always hope if we can not fix things then at least we can find “a solution to control things”. Therefore, there are some guidelines that need to keep in mind which we can comply with and save our house from “negative energies”.

#2. The ideal location of Bathroom and toilet in the House

Those people who have faced the problems have set examples with a solution for others. Mostly Economic status and health issues affected if the toilet placed in the wrong direction. It has been seen that the head of the family has to suffer a lot than any other family member. first of all, you have to take a step towards knowing what would be the right direction in the house for “toilets and bathrooms”.

The following image is showing the best locations of the toilet and bathroom.


Bathroom and Toilet: Important information as per Vastu

As you can see in this image I hope you now clearly understand that the best location for toilets and bathrooms are West-West-North and north-north-west of the house.

Firstly, If you are familiar with the west-facing Vastu house then you might remember that this direction is held by Lord Varun devata (Lord of water). The particular consumption of water is used in the bathroom which is indicating that the West Zone is best for it.

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Secondly, The second choice for the toilet is in the north-north-east zone. Make sure the Northeast corner is the auspicious place in the House. Therefore,  you have to very carefully place the walls of the bathroom and toilet in the NNE Direction.

#3. Vastu tips for Bathroom and Toilet

  1. Before designing the architecture plan make sure the “Bathroom and toilet should be in West direction”.
  2. Avoid the toilet and bathroom in South and South-east direction”. because of the “fire element”.
  3. Do not place the bathroom and toilet in the “Northeast corner” as this place is “most auspicious”.
  4. If the ground floor has a toilet, then make sure on first-floor bathroom should above it.
  5. Make sure the toilet seat (commode) on the west side must be white. Avoid yellow and beige colors.
  6. The water closet(commode) cover should be closed always.
  7. Keep Proper Ventilation should be towards the west side.
  8. Store water, taps, etc. in the East, North, or North-East direction.

#4. Things to Avoid

  1. Make sure the water closet should not above the “Pooja room” which is placed on the ground floor.
  2. Do not keep toilets behind the stairs landing.
  3. Avoid the toilet in the center of the house.
  4. Do not place a septic tank on the south, north-east and east sides.
  5. Red and Yellow color tiles should be avoided in the bathroom.

For a healthy and wealthy life, all you have to do is just keep that all these instructions in mind. So that next time you will take care of that while preparing the next home plan of your house.

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