East facing House Plans for 30×40 site

Besides North Facing houses, East facing House Vastu plans requirements are also most demanding among people. Because the East direction represents Social connectivity. Especially Politicians and ministers should acquire East-facing houses to enhance public connectivity.

However, Only East facing house is not enough to make a Vastu-friendly home. Other aspects also matter such as a Kitchen placement, Stairs location, Bedroom locations, etc. Hence, we have planned 30*50 or 30*60 House Plans on the ground floor with the help of Vastu rules.

Note:-You can use this plan to implement on such plots 30X40,30-50 & 30×60. For your perusal, we have attached the Autocad file which you can download and change measurement according to your plot size.

East facing House Plans for 30x40 site


  • PLOT AREA = 1800sqft
  • PLOT SIZE IN SQYD= 200sqyd.
  • BUILT-UP AREA= 1282 Sqft
  • LENTH30′-0″
  • WIDTH= 40′-0″/50′-0/60′-0″ (Note:- Autocad Drawing attached below the link if any changes required according to your plot size)
  • BUILDING TYPE= RESIDENTIAL (30*50 house plan east facing with garden)
  • APPROXIMATELY ESTIMATING COST OF THE CONSTRUCTION= 19,50,000/- Lacs (1300 sq ft house construction cost in India)
East facing House Plans for 30x40 site
3 BHK east facing house plan as per Vastu

East facing house pada

The main entrance gate of the east-facing house should be kept on the 5th Pada. The first pada is starting from the Northeast direction and ends in the Southeast direction. You can also use the first four padas for keeping the main entrance of the house. However, make sure the 5th pada should be included in the first four pada’s.

Because the Fifth pada is the right location of the sun (God of fame) and the positive vibes of Name, fame, and respect in society comes only from Suriya Devta.

Staircase Vastu for east facing house

While planing an East facing house you have only two options for placing stairs in the house according to Vastu shastra. The first is South and the Second is West direction. As you see in the showing image, we have planned a staircase in the South direction of the house which is perfectly fine.

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Moreover, the South and southwest directions should be kept heavy as compare to the North and North-East and east direction. When you place stairs in the south direction then the south direction becomes heavy which is considered the best choice as Vastu shastra. Besides the rotation of the stairs needs to be kept clockwise which is followed in the attached drawing.

Bedroom Vastu for east facing house

Bedrooms placement in east-facing houses shall be kept the same as the previous articles have mentioned. if you have not yet read them please follow the link (North facing House vastu Plan 30×50).

We have placed the Master Bedroom in the Southwest direction. And, the second bedroom is placed in the Northwest direction which should be acquired by the children of the house. In the Northwest bedroom, the study table should be kept such a way when children do study one’s face should be towards the North or East Direction.

East facing House Vastu Plan with pooja room

The location of the pooja room should be placed in the most auspicious direction in the house. According to Vastu shastra, the most auspicious direction for the Pooja room in the house is the Northeast direction, the Center of the house, and the East direction.

Therefore, We have planned a pooja room in the northeast direction. We kept the pooja are in such a way where one can worship by facing East direction. However, make sure there should not be kept any household items near the pooja room. And also avoid keeping Pair of shoes and slippers at the main entrance.

East facing house Vastu benefits (East facing house good or bad)

East-facing houses are the most desirable option among people.  Because early morning sun rays kill bacteriaS and give pleasure, especially in winters.

According to Vastu shastra, the East direction represents social connectivity. Therefore, it is said that East-facing houses are considered lucky for Ministers, Travelers, Business Owners, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

*Free download the Indian house plans AutoCAD drawings of 30*50-30*60 and 30*40 house plan with car parking*

The Autocad Drawing shows a 30×60 east facing house plan as per Vastu a perfect residential floor plan which can also be used in an east facing house Vastu plan with pooja room. For your perusal, We have provided the AutoCAD drawing file which is free to download by the following Link.

Click here to download the CAD FILE:- East facing house Plans as per Vastu ground floor 

Click here to download the PDF FILE:- East facing house Plans as per Vastu ground floor (30×50 house plans east facing pdf)


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