How to check direction of house with mobile compass

It is often seen that due to a lack of proper information people are not able to know the right-facing direction of the house. And start guessing that the plot is maybe east or north-facing. We should know that not all plots and Houses can be at exactly in some particular direction. Because they are rotating in degrees which changes the direction of the entire structure. However, we must know that How to check the direction of the house with a mobile and magnetic compass.

When you head to buying a new property the very first step should locate the facing of the plot. Once you get the right-facing of the plot then the step comes to apply the Vastu principles. The facing of the plot can be determined by holding a compass in the center of the plot.

Importance of the center of the house and plot

Before selecting the plot to built, first, it is necessary to know the center of the plot and house. From where you will open your compass to determine the facing of the house.

Here is the technique to know the center of the house.

For example, If you have a square or rectangular house plan, then mark all four corners A, B, C, D  as showing in the below image.

How to check direction of house with mobile compass

Now draw an alined line A to C on the map and the same rule applies by using alined line B to D. When these two lines are crossed at a particular point. This will be considered the center of the house.

The same technique you can use in cutting plots, for example, follow the picture given below:

How to check direction of house with mobile compass

Know the total directions of the house as per Vastu shastra

Most of the people considered only four directions when it comes to knowing the direction of the house. Such directions are North, South, East, and West. They ignored the remaining directions (NE, SE, SW, NW). As a result, you may choose the wrong direction of the house. Therefore, it is very important to examine the directions properly before taking a final decision.

Full Explanation and Free Download Vastu House Plan’s AutoCAD and PDF File

The corner Vastu Directions of the house

According to Vastu Shastra, there are also four very important other directions: – Such as.

  1. Ishaan     (Water)        (direction between North and East)
  2. Agnay      (Fire)            (direction between south and east)
  3. Nairitya  (Earth)         (direction between south and west)
  4. Vayu        (Air)               (direction between north and west)
As you can see in the following picture. Ishaan, Ignea, Nayatya, and Vayu are the four directions. All you need to do is to find the space (degree) exactly between the two main directions. Then, you will be able to find the other Four Vastu direction of the house.
How to check direction of house with mobile compass

How to check the direction of the house with a mobile compass

You can use a compass app on your smartphone to find the right direction of the house. Firstly, You have to hold your phone and on your compass and stand at the exact center of the house as showing in the above image. Your face should be towards the main entrance while going outside of the house. Then, your compass will indicate the exact facing direction of the plot.

How to check direction of house with compass

When you come to know the exact facing of the plot. you can see that each of the 16 directions is located on the compass to a certain degree. Just as the north direction is located at 0 degrees (also called 360 degrees) in the compass, the east direction is located at 90 degrees, 180 degrees is pointing to the south direction, then the west direction is located at 270 degrees. Similarly, you can see the Northeast corner at 45 degrees, Southeast at 135 degrees, Southwest at 225 degrees,s and Northwest at 315 degrees.

How to check direction of house with mobile compass
Vastu compass degrees

Vastu Corner directions Explanations

Ishan corner (North-East direction) 

The Ishan corner lies exactly between the north and the east direction. it is symbolically considered as the place of God. The water element is effective in the northeast corner. Therefore, an underground water tank can be built there.

Agnay corner (South-East direction) 

The Agnay corner lies between the south and east direction which is ruled by Venus. As its name suggests, the element of this place is fire. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep all the items related to fire in the house.

Nairatya Corner (South-West direction) 

The Nairatya Corner lies between the south and west direction. The Earth element exists in the Southwest direction. Usually, the Master bedroom is designed in the South West direction which gives stability and strength.

 Vayu Corner (North-west direction) 

The Vayu corner is a direction located exactly between the north and west directions. Its main element is ‘Air’ as its name suggests. Apart from this, the Vayu(air) angle is the direction governed by the Moon. In this direction, the kitchen, bedroom and car parking can also be made.
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