30×30 Perfect South facing house plan AS Vastu

It is a myth that the south-facing plots and houses should never buy. Because Lord Yama (God of death) exists in the 5th pada of South Direction. However, If you take care of Vastu principles then you do not need to get worried about Vastu defects. While designing Perfect South facing house plan, you have to ignore the 5th pada including in the main entrance.

In this article, I have shared a Perfect floor plan design 30*30 house plan with car parking. The facing of the plots are not enough to balance the house elements according to Vastu shastra, There are other aspects such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Stairs locations that also matter a lot.  Which we have discussed below that how to maintain before finalizing the South Facing Vastu houses.

30×30 Perfect South facing house plan AS Vastu
30*30 house plan 2bhk



  • PLOT AREA = 900sqft
  • PLOT SIZE IN SQYD= 100sqyd. (Modern square house designs)
  • LENTH= 30′-0″
  • WIDTH= 30′-0″ (Note:- Autocad Drawing attached below the link if any changes are required according to your plot size)
  • BUILDING TYPE= RESIDENTIAL (30X30) 2 bedrooms Modern square house designs)
  • APPROXIMATELY ESTIMATING COST OF THE CONSTRUCTION= 12,60,000/- Lacs (900 square feet 2bhk House Plans)


30*30 house plan with car parking

Basically, The Car parking should be placed in the Northwest direction by facing east and North. However, as we do have not enough space to get the movement of the vehicle through the west direction and give provision in the Northwest direction. That is why we have kept the car parking space in the Southeast direction by facing North Direction.

South facing house Stairs as Vastu

We have placed stairs in the South direction which is considered perfectly fine according to Vastu shastra. Besides, we also maintained the clockwise rotation of the stairs.

Download the Free AutoCAD and PDF  Vastu plans JUST ONE SIMPLE CLICK 

South facing house Bedroom Vastu

As you can see in the image the plan shows the Master bedroom just beside the Staircase. The Master bedroom should be placed in the Southwest direction and the head of the family should occupy this space. Moreover, The bedroom placed in the Northwest direction should be occupied by the children of the house. You can consider this as a Kid’s Room.

South facing house with Bathroom

The bathroom located in the West direction is considered the Best location. Furthermore, the West direction is the direction of the Sunsets where odor can easily vanish in the air. Thus, we have provided the Cut in the slab which can be used for proper ventilation.

South facing house with Pooja area

The location of the Pooja area is placed in the NorthEast direction. The northeast direction is considered the God’s Entrance zone. Hence, one should worship in the Northeast direction by Facing East.

30*30 house plan with Kitchen

The kitchen should be placed in the Southeast direction. However, The planning of the house does not allow us to do it. Therefore, We kept the kitchen in the East direction. in which one should cook food by facing East direction.


The Autocad Drawing shows a 30×30 South facing house plan as per Vastu a perfect residential floor plan which can also be used in 30*40 house plan south-facing For your perusal, We have provided the AutoCAD drawing file which is free to download by the following Link.

Click here to download the CAD FILE:- 30*30 house plan CAD

Click here to download the PDF FILE:- 30*30 house plan pdf

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  1. Great post! I’m really interested in Vastu Shastra and how it can improve the design of our homes. The South-facing house plan you presented is really informative and has given me some valuable insights into how to create a Vastu-compliant home. I particularly liked the section on the importance of natural light and ventilation, and how it can impact the overall energy flow of the home. Can’t wait to try out some of these ideas in my own home!


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