Vastu tips for good health 2021

Good health is the greatest gift of life. God has gifted us with individual organs for a specific function. We breathe from our nose. eat from our mouth. at times we start breathing from our mouth, what does that imply? that means our nose is blocked it clearly means it is a medical problem. Similarly, one can imagine Vastu as a body. Therefore, Vastu tips for good health give you a tremendous amount of confidence.

Even in Vastu shastra, there is a specific corner defined for each functionality element or activity. The moment there is an imbalance of the element w.r.t.the directions. Similarly kind of illnesses and health issues start to surface in your family.

If someone is suffering from lone time sickness or going through mental stress, then the following Vastu tips will surely help in the context of healthy life.

Vastu tips for good health 2021
Vastu tips for good health 2021

Which direction to sleep scientifically

The sleeping position is the most important factor that people often overlooked. We have already explained many times in our previous articles that parents should sleep in the Master Bedroom in the Southwest direction. And children should sleep room in the West direction. Do make sure while sleeping your head should be towards either South or East direction.

Why do we say that, Because there is a scientific rule behind it? Our head is kind of a North Pole and Inside our body, the amount of iron in our blood is running which we called hemoglobin. If you sleep with your head in the north direction, then blood repulsion starts and collides with each other. Due to which you may be a victim of some psychological disease or Facing a sleeping disorder.

Therefore, if someone in your house is going through mental stress or is unable to sleep at night due to any problem. Then, you should first check your sleeping position as per Vastu rules. Which should not be in the north direction by keeping the head.

Reason of Major disease in the house 

Another most important thing to keep in mind is the main entrance of the house. If the door of your house is not in the right direction, then it gives birth to a major disease. I am sure any Vastu expert can find it just by looking at the main entrance, that the disease can never go away from this house. It has been observed that if any house is suffering from any diseases usually they have main entrance in the SouthEast or SouthWest direction.

Moreover, The southwest direction is a corner of our ancestors. Either it is the direction of the elders or for the male members of the family.  If any Vastu defect is in the southwest direction in the form of a Kitchen, a septic tank, underground water tank,  a boring, T-point, extension, or a cut in the SW direction, can causes an adverse effect on health. I have observed critical illnesses in such houses which are related to kidney, stomach, or even cancer. All these small things slowly get accumulated and take a form of a critical illness.

These are the two main entrance directions from where medicines never leave the house. Sometimes, Small health issues take adverse shape in the form of a major disease.

How to increase immunity home Vastu remedies

In order to fight against any disease, We have to keep our immunity system strong. Therefore, while constructing a house, neither toilet should be constructed nor kitchen in the North of the Northeast direction. The North of North East direction comes between the North and North-East direction of the house, which is also called the zone of Health Immunity. The NNE direction has to keep very neat and clean.

Vastu tips for good health 2021
North of the Northeast direction

Moreover,  The septic, storeroom, Bathroom, and staircase should not be built in the NNE direction. In case, if there is a defect in the NNE direction then you have to enhance the green or blue color as a remedy. Furthermore, If there is any type of toilet or bathroom or septic tank in the NNE direction then the only solution is to remove these elements. Because you have polluted the holiest place of your house.

If you have a toilet/Water closet and Storeroom in the NNE direction, is a major Vastu defect. To balance it, the following Vastu remedies should be implemented.

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Vastu for ladies of the house 

Firstly,  It has been seen that in so many houses that females are most affected with imbalanced Northeast direction. Such as breast cancer, Miscarriage, mental stress, etc. Secondly, The southeast direction’s main entrance of the house also causes health problems among ladies. The health problems in women often occurred when the southeast direction has any Vastu defect. it can be any shape such as plot extension or cut, the existence of water element, septic tank, etc.

Vastu for corner cuts and Extensions of the Plot

The cur corner in the house/Plot is also considered another Vastu defect. As we can not imagine a human body without an arm, or a leg, or any missing part of the body. Similarly, cuts in the direction cuts lead to similar health-related issues in the family members. The cut corners in Vastu shastra create huge disturbance in the lives of inhabitants. Because each cut corner has its own functionality.

Moreover, The same rule implements on the plot extensions. However, Extension in the Northeast direction is considered the most auspicious plot. Thus, if you can observe the directions cuts, and extensions then you should try to balance it by getting Vastu expert advice.

Four Corner Vastu defect in the house

The four corners of any element are playing a crucial role. They can be the 4 corners of the house, room, furniture, etc. These days there is a trend of a dressing room in the house followed by the toilet. There is generally no door between the dressing area or any kind of obstruction.

I am telling you that people who live in a room with more than four corners will always suffer from health-related issues. However, it depends on the directions of the extension in the room defines the kind of health issues one will face. if you are facing the same then either place a door or place a thick curtain. And, Make sure it should always be kept closed. Otherwise, people living in the room always be ill.

Brahmsthan (Center of the house) Importance in the house

The very important part of the house is the center of the house (Brahmsthan). Which is also called the belly button. We are all born from the below button, which is the umbilical cord. Hence, according to Vastu shastra, the center of the house should be balanced properly.

How to identify the Brahmsthan (Center of the house)

People are generally confused about the Brahmsthan whether it is the center of the building or a house or a plot. if the land belongs to you then your Brahmsthan will be the main center of the entire plot/land.

However, if the plot does not belongs to you and you stay in an apartment or a floor or shared accommodation, then the area that you own/possess, is the center point of that floor will be the Brahmsthan.

Vastu defect and remedies for stomach problems

Whenever any disturbance creates in the center of the house, then the Stomach related problems occurred. Such things should be avoided in the center of the house like columns,  fire elements, toilets, or any heavy item. Because the moment there is a Vastu dosh in the Brahamsthan some family members will suffer from stomach problems surely.

Furthermore, The Vastu dosh in the Brahmsthan also disturbs mental peace. One suddenly comes under stress and is always stays mentally disturbed. At times we have observed that there is not structural Vastu dosh in the Brahmsthan, but we just to decorate the Brahmsthan end up placing some heavy items there. If a similar scenario in your house, then make sure to displace the furniture immediately.

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