Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection]

Story of Lord Ganesha (Elephant for home Vastu )

People from different cultures may never know about Lord Ganesha. in the Hindu religion, Many Indian Families worshiped Lord Ganesha when they start any new work. A very interesting story behind the worshiping Lord Ganesh. He was a child when his father “Lord Shiva” was angry at him and cut his neck off. Soon Lord Shiva realized that he has done a big mistake which has to be rectified. (Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection)

Then, Lord Shiva placed the head of an elephant on Ganesha’s body and gave him a new life with blessings. Hence, Lord Ganesha has a human body with an elephant head. Lord Ganesha is known as a symbol of his wisdom and knowledge.

Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection]

Elephant symbolism Hinduism

At the present time, elephants are the largest and strongest animals existing on earth. The elephants are known for Silent power and Kindness. Which brings the ultimate power when we place its symbol in the home. When you place it in the form of picture or stature then it created the energy which provides good luck and demolishes all kind of obstacles in life.

Elephant statue for entrance

The strength and the physical power of the elephants also represent immovability and defense. There are so many ancient places where you may have seen a pair of elephants at the entrance gate. As they represent the symbol of protection. Similarly, keeping the painting of the elephant at home is considered very auspicious. Elephants are not only auspicious but also protect homes with “positive powers”. Therefore, placing with raised trunks a pair of elephant statues at the main entrance of the house brings Prosperity, Happiness, and good luck to the family.
Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection]


Vastu Tips:- Elephant statue for home as per 

  1. It is believed that seeing elephants in dreams is a sign of high status.
  2. Placing a pair of elephants at the main door, protect your home from evil and negative energies.
  3. You can place a brass pair of elephants on the working table. This will help to grow your business and also “prevent losses”.
  4. In the bedroom, you can use an elephant in a “portrait or statues”. it will bring love and loyalty to married couples.
  5. Elephants have a sharp memory and a big mind. Place brass elephants on the study table to improve children’s “academic growth”.
  6. Placing an elephant’s family picture in children’s or parent’s room makes a “strong relationship”.
  7. A newly married couple who look forward to having a baby- should place “seven elephants together” in their room. It will bring baby luck.

Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection]


Elephant Vastu direction in office

  1. “North Zone” is the best place to keep an elephant statue or picture as it gives a boost to your career by promoting from your current position.
  2. Place an elephant near the main door of your office to get success in your work life.
  3. You can also use it at your “workstation”. it will bring positive growth in your career and also enhancing your business.
  4. It also helps in one’s life to grow a “leadership quality” and improve performance under the pressure.

Elephant trunk down Vastu

  1. Placing elephants have their trunk down, bring calmness in the nature of the family members.
  2. Some people keep elephants with their trunks facing upwards, it brings good luck and prosperity to your home.
 Elephant for home Vastu [A symbol of wisdom and protection]


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  1. Hi, I wanted to know if we can place only elephant heads on the entrance door of the house. I came across a brass statue of elephant heads with raised trunk and a bell to be placed at the entrance. But wanted to know is it ok to keep just elephant head and not the whole elephant


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