Business Vastu Tips: Use Nandi Bull

Lord Shiva is the great deity of the Hindu religion. He used to ride a bull to go from one place to another, which is known as Nandi. (Business Vastu Tips: Use Nandi Bull)

Nandi the bull is identified as a “trustworthy steed of Lord Shiva”. He is the one who symbols of patience and very sincere towards Lord Shiva’s order.

(Business Vastu Tips: Use Nandi Bull)

What is the belief in Vastu Shastra?

It is believed that Nandi bull protect and secure the business against any unanticipated conditions. It also develops trust and loyalty in business. Moreover, it creates a faithful partnership between the Businessperson and supporting business.

Which industry does it provide benefit?

It can strengthen the trust and loyalty in the public sector. By using the Nandi bull, the shareholder’s institution also gains profits. it attracts more customers and ensures their trust and satisfaction while they investing. Shops and institutions are also in benefits by providing their clients trustworthy services.

Which material should be used? (Business Vastu Tips: Use Nandi Bull)

Make sure that the Nandi bull should be used in Brass material. It is available in the market in various sizes. However, we suggest its size Length-11cm, Breadth 5.5cm, and Height-9cm.

Business Vastu Tips: Use Nandi Bull

Is there any particular direction to placing Nandi Bull?

Nandi bull has the power of positive vibrations which makes its surrounding pure. However, it is suggested that the Nandi bull should be placed in the South-West direction.

is it good if we place it on the working table?

It attracts more clients when you place a Nandi bull on working table of the shops or institutions. Besides, it looks after the customer’s satisfaction by providing them reliable service.


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