Vastu For West Facing Houses Main Door and their Remedies

The entrances of West facing houses’ main doors have earned fewer preferences as compared to the North and the East Directions. The very first choice is always been a North-East direction, Whether people intend to buy a flat/apartment or property.

In this article, we will discuss Vastu For West Facing Houses Main Door and their Remedies as well.

  1. What are the characteristics of the west direction?
  2. Vastu remedies for West direction entrances/the main door?
  3. How to place the horseshoe above the main door?
  4. What remedies can be done above the main door from the inside of the house?

Lord Shani Dev (Saturn) is a ruling planet of the West direction. According to Hinduism, Lord Shani dev always gives importance to Honesty and Hard work.

Hence, this entrance results in very good for Honest people.

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The West is also the direction of Sunset, which indicates Darkness. Thus, there is a possibility of negativity in the energies of this direction. Moreover, It is believed that the entrance of the West direction also gives slow progress.

Despite all that, the entrance coming in the west direction is still considered auspicious for some Businesses.

Vastu Remedies for West direction Entrance/main door

There are some Vastu remedies for West direction entrances/the main door. Which can be done to resolve the problems facing by the people.

Firstly,  a Horseshoe should be installed above the main door from the outside of the house. But, there are a few things that need to be remembered before placing it.

Keep in mind that,  one should install only an old outworn horseshoe used by the horse. Do not ever use any new and unused horseshoe.

Secondly, It has been said that the horseshoe of a black horse is considered very auspicious for placing above the entrance door.

How to place the Horseshoe above the main door

Significantly, Horseshoes can be installed in two ways. Firstly, the horseshoe should be placed in the shape of the English alphabet ‘U’ form. Moreover, The two points of the horseshoe should be facing upwards towards the sky. By doing this, it brings good luck in gains and profits.


Secondly, the horseshoe can be placed in an inverted ‘U’ form. As it is believed that this form protects our property and prevents negative energies to enter the house.

Therefore, for the West direction entrance horseshoe should always be installed in an inverted ‘U’ form.


Vastu For West Facing Houses Main Door and their Remedies
Horseshoe facing Downwards


Remedies for the west-facing houses from the inside of the house

one should place a copper made consecrated Shani yantra above the main door of the house from inside. Most importantly, Ensure that the Shani yantra should be consecrated by the Prominent Preacher.

However, if it is not possible then you can place the Shani yantra with “Positive thoughts” that these remedies are working for you.

Vastu For West Facing Houses Main Door and their Remedies


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