Vastu Remedies for ‘North-West’-‘North’-‘North-East’ and East facing Homes

The entrance coming in North-West, North, North-East, and East are considered very “auspicious” entrances. (Vastu Remedies for ‘North-West’-‘North’-‘North-East’ and East facing Homes)

Then, why do these entrances required Vastu remedies? 

In this article, we are going to give you Vastu remedies for North-East and East Direction entrances.

Vastu Remedies for 'North-West'-'North'-'North-East' and East facing Homes

Vastu Remedies for ‘North-West’-‘North’-‘North-East’ and East facing Homes

Sometimes there are several things placed in front of the house such as a staircase, elevator, electric pole, garbage bin, etc. Having these things In front of your “Main door” generates negative energies which need to be controlled.
 Nowadays, there are some houses that are very near to public places. These places are like railway stations, bus depots, markets, hospitals, highways, schools, or colleges. it is very hard to avoid such things which exist in front of the house.  These areas are visited by many people. Hence, the energies of these areas are not stable at all.

 Moreover, In some places, there are cremation ground or graveyard near the home. The negative energies of such areas are very heavy and filled with sadness. 

#1.Remedies for the Outside of the Main Door

The remedies for the house are quite simple. All you have to do is just follow the right technique and apply the simple remedy. Firstly, from the outside of the house and above the main door, place a photo frame of Riddhi Ganesh Ji with a trunk towards the left side.  

Along with Lord Ganesh Ji, you can also place a photo frame of Panchmukhi Hanumanji standing in a warrior pose. 

Vastu Remedies for 'North-West'-'North'-'North-East' and East facing HomesVastu Remedies for 'North-West'-'North'-'North-East' and East facing Homes

Make sure pictures should be framed in photo frames only, Do not use the statute of these deities. Alternatively, if it is not possible then you can also place ceramic tiles that are printed with Ganeshji and Hanuman Ji picture above the main door. 

#2.Remedies for the Inside of the Main Door

Now, from the inside of the house above the main door, Place a Swastik symbol made of Panchdatu or a Pyramid swastika.

in case you have not any swastika pyramid then you can also draw a swastika symbol of kumkum on paper and place it above the main door.

Along with the Swastik symbol, you can also place a pyramid above the main door. The shape of the Pyramid generates positive energies and stores it inside. There are different types of the pyramid is available in the market, you can use any pyramid according to your choice and budget.

Before applying Vastu remedies, one must know that all Vastu remedies should be done with positive thoughts and believing that they are working for us. 

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