Vastu Remedies for South-East,South and South-West facing houses- Vastu Defects and Remedies

South Direction is considered the most important and powerful direction above the other directions. The most unwanted results have been seen in this direction. Moreover, The Demons are the owner of the South direction except for the South-East( 1st  pada) to the South(4th pada).

Most people are scared when they come to know that a South facing home is not appropriate for living. To some extent, it is true but in some cases, it is not. If the Vastu principles have been followed properly then the South-facing home does not harm at all.

Now here, I am presenting Vastu remedies for entrance coming in the South-East, South, and South-West Direction. While designing a South Facing home, the Vastu remedies should also be done together. So that the people who live in the house can secure themselves from the negative energies. 

South directions Remedies for “outside” of the Main Door

 If the entrance/main door of the house or any property comes in the South-East, South, or in South-West direction. First, from the outside of your house above the main door, you should place a picture of Siddhi Ganesh Ji with a trunk turned towards the right side in the photo frame.
Vastu Remedies for South-East,South and South-West facing houses

Along with Ganesh Ji, you should place a photo frame of Panchmukhi Hanumanji. Make sure that the picture of Hanuman Ji should be in a warrior’s pose. For example, As he is holding Weapons and Vedas (sacred texts) in his hands standing to protect us. The picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji should also be placed in the temple/pryer room of the house.

Vastu Remedies for South-East,South and South-West facing houses

“Keep in mind that, you should only use these pictures in frames, do not use any statues of these deities”. Alternatively, you can also place ceramic tiles that are printed with pictures of Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji. In some cases, if all these things are not possible, then you can also take a printout of these pictures, get them laminated and place them above the Main door.

South Direction Remedies for the “inside” of the Main Door

Now let see what remedies can be done inside the main door of the house. You should place a Swastik symbol made of Panchdatu above the main door from the inside. Swastik is considered a very pure and powerful symbol in sacred texts. If for any reason, you are not able to place a Swastik made of Panchdhatu, then you can also draw a Swastik with kumkum on paper and place it on the main door from inside. Make sure the swastika symbol should be drawn in the right form.

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Along with the Swastik symbol, you can also place a pyramid above the main door. The shape of the Pyramid generates positive energies and stores it inside. There are different types of the pyramid is available in the market, you can use any pyramid according to your choice and budget.

Before applying Vastu remedies, one must know that all Vastu remedies should be done with positive thoughts and believing that they are working for us.

“A strong belief creates a positive atmosphere and that helps in so many ways in the house”. 

“God Bless You All”

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