A Vastu friendly Directions for Lawn and 10 important Vastu Tips For Lawn

Utmost people dreaming that one day they will have a bigger house with a wider lawn. Where they can relax and play various games with their children. Having a lawn in the home is a Luxury feel that everyone wishes to have once in life.

There are multiple activities that can be enjoyed on the lawn, like relaxing among the greenery that has its own charm. we can design “A Vastu friendly Lawn by knowing its direction and 10 important Vastu tips”.

A Vastu friendly Directions for Lawn and 10 important Vastu Tips for Lawn

in this article, we are going to discuss the following topics.

  1. The Best Directions for the Lawn 
  2. The Directions should be Avoided for the Lawn
  3. Vastu Tips for Lawn

#1. The best directions for Lawn

North, North-East, and East direction of a property should always be kept open and light-weighted. Whereas, the South, SW, and West direction should always be kept heavy. The lawn is an open area that can be kept in the North, NE, and East directions. Having a lawn in these directions is considered very auspicious according to the Vastu rules.

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Moreover, The very important reason for keeping a lawn in the North, NE, and East direction is to facilitate the entry of the early morning sun rays. Which are very beneficial for health and they are also helping in purifying the atmosphere of the house.

#2. The directions should be avoided for the Lawn

if we talk about the South,  South-West, and West direction then it is believed that they are not favorable for the lawn. As it has been said that these directions should always be kept heavy and closed as much as possible. in case, if the lawn is in one of these directions then, these directions become lightweight and open which are not acceptable according to Vastu rules.

Because, in the day, the sun contains very strong and dangerous infrared rays. if the lawn is one of these directions then it usually stays hot during the afternoon and evening time. Due to all these reasons the South, South-West, and West direction are not considered favorable for a lawn.

I hope now you understand which direction is good for keeping a lawn in the house and which is not.

Now, Let’s discuss some Vastu tips which are important to keep in mind before designing a lawn in the house.

#3.Vastu Tips For Lawn

  1. Always keeps small and lightweight plants or brushes in the Lawn if the lawn is in the North, North-East, and East direction. So that the lightness of these direction remains maintained.
  2. Avoid Keeping Lawn in the South-West. Because South-West has Earth element and if you place any greenery there then it can spoil the family relationships.
  3. if the lawn is in the North, North-East, and East direction then you can place water sources like a swimming pool, water fountain, and pond, etc.
  4. Avoid keeping any water sources in the South-East, South, South-West. But, in the West direction, water sources can be placed.
  5. A rock garden can be designed in the South-West direction to maintained the heaviness.
  6. Keeping a Tulsi plant on the lawn is considered very auspicious.
  7. The dried, wild, and thorny plants should be removed from the lawn.
  8. Avoid keeping a large tree that attracts insects, worms, and honey bees.
  9. Very large trees such as peepal should be avoided as they can damage the foundation of the house or it should be far from the foundation of the house.
  10. For an attractive look and positivity, a mini waterfall can be designed in the North, North-East Direction of the House.


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