Dancing Ganesha Vastu Tips

Everything matters in Vastu shastra. As we see pictures of Running Horses show speed and in the same way Dancing Ganesha’s picture depicts the Movement. The energy of that movement could be related to life growth as well as Business Growth Also.
The Dancing Ganesha Vastu tips will help us to understand where to place it as a remedy of Vastu defects or bring the Prosperity. Here, you are will learn the significance of Dancing Ganesha.
There are the following topics that going to be discussed in this article.
  1. Dancing Ganesha Picture Direction in Vastu
  2. Advantages of Placing Dancing Ganesha at home
Dancing Ganesha Vastu Tips

#1.Dancing Ganesha Picture Direction in Vastu

  1. You can place a picture of Dancing Ganesha anywhere in the North-East direction.
  2. Keeping it with Kubera Ji in the North Direction has been proved more beneficial In wealthy life.
  3. Placing it at the North-East wall of the drawing-room brings happiness to the house.
  4. If any girl usually sleeps in the northwest room and facing an issue like delaying in marriage, then place it on the North wall of the Room. By doing this, it will end the obstacles that delaying marriage.
  5. If you are feeling delays in any government work, then place a picture of Dancing Ganesha on the south wall. You will find that the pending work will be started soon.

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#2.Advantages of Placing Dancing Ganesha at home

  1. It is very beneficial to have a picture or statue of Dancing Ganesha in the temple for Prosperity and Business Growth.
  2. By placing it above the main entrance, it keeps running the progress of the house.
  3. You can also keep it in the temple anywhere in the house. it helps in the resolve the defects of the wrong placement of the temple in the house.
  4. If you have problems related to the money shortage at home, you can also keep it in your Locker.
  5. Placing it on the study table brings positive results and joy in life.
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