East facing house Vastu plan

I believe that you might know that the main entrance of the house is only “one thing” in Vastu Shastra which matters a lot. However, While planning a new house there are other things are also matter a lot. which we are going to discuss while designing the East facing house Vastu plan.

East facing is a second preference after the North and North-East facing directions. But It would not be beneficial if you built a house without knowing Vastu shastra’s rules. Whether you Bought a North or East facing.

Architecture planning is the most important part of the house. In which we decide how to balance the Five elements of Vastu shastra. if we neglect them and marked the wrong direction then the value of the house will not provide us “Happy and prosperous living”. Therefore, we are going to share some tips and guidelines for the East-facing house Vastu plan.

How to Find the Main entrance for East facing house Vastu plan

As you can see in the following image all parts have been specifically marked with different color shades. which clarifies Bad and Excellent directions for the main gate entrance of the house.

East facing house Vastu plan with pooja room
The main entrance for East facing house Vastu plan


You must have noticed that the 4th and 5th part is shaded with Green color. Which is considered the most beneficial direction to keep the Main Door of the house. Whereas the other option in Yellow Shades is giving the average results as compared to the Green Shades.

Therefore, when you up to mark the main gate towards the East Direction then do not forget to add up the 5th and the 6th part in it. However, Make sure the 8th and the 9th part should be avoided as much as possible. Because it is found that this is the place where the illness enters home.

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10 things to keep in mind while planning the East facing house Vastu plan

After the main entrance is marked now Architectural planning is a crucial part. Where we will find the best placement of Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathroom etcetera as per the Vastu Shastra. Thus, the following points should keep in mind before executing the House Plan.

  1. Do not make a bathroom in the Northeast corner of the house. Bathrooms and toilets should always be kept in the West direction.
  2. Generally, people like to have at least two bedrooms. Therefore, One keeps in the SouthWest direction as a master bedroom and the Second can be kept in the North-west direction. Moreover, you can make a single bedroom in the southeast in case of an unmarried girl living in the house. But do not let the couple live in the Southeast Bedroom.
  3. It is strongly recommended that do not make a Staircase, Storeroom, and Kitchen in North-East corner of the house.
  4. You can buy a plot with an extended Northeast corner but do not buy northeast cut plots because the consequences can be dangerous for the owner. Furthermore, the Pooja room can be placed in the NE corner and it should be kept clean as much as can.
  5. You can also make the guest room in the NE corner and the center of the house can also be used for worship.
  6. For the East facing house Vastu plan, the best direction for the kitchen is the SouthEast corner. Moreover, never place any water element in the SE corner such as a Blue light bulb, fountain, and black color on the walls.
  7. The very important information you must keep in mind is that the East facing house Vastu plan is Perfect for Politicians for living.
  8. There is only two option is available to provide the stairs case in the house. The first is in the Exact South direction and the Second is in the West direction. If somehow you are unable to place the stairs in these directions then you can make them in any direction except NE, Center of the house, and Southwest Direction.
  9. The Elevation of the house in the Southwest direction should be kept heavy as compared to the Northeast and East directions.
  10. Avoid any construction of the pillar and wall in the center of the house.
All you have to do is just apply all the Vastu shastra rules in the East facing house Vastu plan. By doing this you will achieve respectively fame and name in your society. Because this is What East direction is supposed to do according to Vastu Shastra. You can also download the 30×40 East-facing house Vastu plans in Autocad and PDF format from the following link.

Free Download:- Vastu plan in AutoCAD & PDF

  1. 30X40 East Facing house Vastu plan   
  2. 30×50 North Facing House Vastu Plan 
  3. 50×45 West Facing House Vastu Plan
  4. 30×30 South Facing House Vastu Plan
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