Vastu remedies for stomach problems

These days, eating habits changed among people due to a shortage of time. As they prefer to eat outside food instead of homemade. in which fast food items are available in huge demand in streets and markets.  Street food items are often prepared with a variety of ingredients such as chilies, sausages oil, etc. Which is very difficult for our body to digest. Due to which many diseases occurred especially our stomach related. Therefore, there are some Vastu remedies for stomach problems that can help us to understand the imbalanced energy fields which cause stomach pain.

When the stomach is upset there could be any kind of disease that can arise. such as indigestion, constipation, gas, hyperacidity, etc. Besides anxiety level is also increased which aggravates the problem. in such a condition, we seek the help of the doctor so that they will cure us. Then, the Doctor prescribes medicines and we become the victim of drugs. 

Sometimes after we give up junk food we are unable to leave our medicines. which clearly indicates that there is something wrong in the energy fields where we live. Hence, we need to focus on the perspective of Vastu shastra so that we can heal ourselves.

Vastu remedies for stomach problems

How Vastu Shastra can help us to cure stomach related problems

There can be many reasons for stomach disease. However, if you can not cure it then Vastu science may help you.

As you may know that there are five-element should be balanced in the house. Such as Water (NE), Fire (SE), Earth (SW), Air (NW), and Sky (Center of the house). Therefore, in order to cure stomach problems, we need to focus on the following directions.

  • Brahmsthan (Center of the house)
  • Northeast direction
  • South of the Southwest
  • East of the Southeast 
  • South-east direction

What is the Major reason for Stomach disease

Brahmsthan is called the center of the house where Vastu Purusha’s stomach comes under the space. When Brahmstha(center of the house) is imbalanced according to Vastu shastra there is a 90 percent chance of stomach problems occurred. It is mainly seen among the elder member of the family.

How to identify the Vastu dosh in the Brahmsthan

In the ancient Veda, it has been stated that the Brahmsthan of the house should be Empty. Which means there should not be any solid construction done. Such as walls, pillars, stairs, Lift, Kitchen, Toilet, etc.

How to apply Vastu remedies for stomach problems in the center of the house

If you have done any such kind of construction then it is very hard to fix it. Because in most cases these things need to be removed as they create very dangerous Vastu defects. However, Some Vastu consultants apply remedies by placing healing objects which at times gives some relief.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that in order to apply the remedy in the center of the house you should get Vastu Expert advice. Do not use any remedy by yourself as it can provide very harmful results.

Vastu tips for good health 2021

Vastu remedies for stomach problems in other directions

Apart from the Brahmsthan, the other direction mentioned above are also can be the reason for a similar problem. such directions are Northeast direction, South of the Southwest, East of the Southeast and South-east direction.

in most cases, we have found some items which are against the Vastu Principles. To apply the remedy in such conditions, Firstly, you have to remove some things immediately if you placed them there. such as kitchen, boiler, heater, generator, inverter, geyser from the NE, SSWand ESE direction. After removed them you will surely find good results. You can keep all electrical equipment in the Southeast direction. Because Southeast indicates fire elements. Secondly, make sure do not paint southeast walls with grey color. By doing this, I am sure you are going to get a miraculous result after implement these rules.

Do not keep the mirror in the SSW direction

It is often seen that some people keep mirrors in the SSW direction. which is the direction of expenditure wastage indicates in Vastu shakti chakra. By placing a mirror there, you are enhancing the power of this direction. which as result, you have to incur unnecessary money wastage on medicines. if someone is suffering from such disease which is not getting cured long time. Then, remove the mirror from the SSW direction and place it in the Northeast direction.

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