Diwali decorations to please Maa Lakshmi

In the great festival of Diwali, people do Diwali decorations to please Maa Lakshmi. In which they mainly worship Goddess Lakshmi. Just like ‘Lakshya‘ comes in the name of Maa Lakshmi, in the same way, if you have any goal in your life, then Maa Lakshmi will definitely shower her blessings. If you do not have any goal, she may not come.

We all wish to live a prosperous life. Therefore, we decorate our house in different ways to please Maa Lakshmi. Especially, on the day of the Deepwali festival, we decorate the main door of our house. For which you go to a market and bring different types of decoration items. And, you want the main door of your house to be decorated beautifully so that Maa Lakshmi brings happiness.

in this article, you will come to know such remedies of Maa Lakshmi which will be very beneficial for you. Which you can adopt not only on Diwali occasion but at every festival.

Diwali decorations to please Maa Lakshmi

Diwali decoration with light to please Maa Lakshmi

Place a focus light above the main door of your house. If the main entrance door of your house is decorated with lights, then do not forget to install a focus light above the main door.

Because the focus light illuminates the main entrance of your house. By doing this, Maa Lakshmi will become stable to enter your home.

Use lotus flowers on Diwali decorations to please Maa Lakshmi

Maa Lakshmi is remembered by many names. Like ‘The Padma’ which means lotus. If there is a lotus symbol outside your house, then Maa Lakshmi is very personable and inspires that she wants to enter and stay in your house.

Hence, You can also place a lotus symbol in the form of a picture. When you are going to place a picture, keep in mind that its frame is not broken. Apart from this, you can also decorate the door with lotus flowers. But getting the lotus flowers of every season is not easy.

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Write ‘श्री‘ with vermilion and sandalwood paste

Now we are going to share with you a very simple method for Diwali decoration. In which you have to make a kind of paste by mixing ‘vermilion and sandalwood’ in water. You need to take two betel leaves and write ‘Shiri’ with that paste.

‘Shri’ is known as a beej mantra of maa Lakshmi.

If you write ‘Shri’ with vermilion and sandalwood at the main door of your house, then Maa Lakshmi calmly enters your house. Because maa Lakshmi has a flickering nature. You can place one leaf on the right and the second leaf at the main door of your house. While doing this, make sure both leaves are fresh and do not contain any holes.

Hang 9 lotus seeds with 9 supari leaves in a cotton pouch

There is another remedy in which you have to take 9 seeds of lotus and 9 leaves of supari. Keep in mind that they should not contain any holes. in order to energies, keep them in the worshipping place of maa Lakshmi. Because Worshiping them is also very important. In which you pray to Maa Lakshmi, that I offer you for prosperity.

After energies them you can hang them beside the main door of your house with a cotton pouch. By doing this, you are gonna have the blessing of Maa Lakshmi in form of peace and prosperity.

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