Day wise color dress in india

It sounds a bit strange that the clothes you are wearing sometimes bring Good and Bad luck. But it is true as it often happened that while our life is going well but still our work gets spoiled due to some reasons. In which your dressing sense might be the reason behind it. That’s why today we are going to share the entire information of Day wise color dress in India and what are the benefits for you.

Day wise color dress in india
Which color clothes to wear on which day

Day wise color dress in india


Sunday is known as the best day to wear Red and Mustard yellow color. With this, you received a lot of positivity and at the same time, you will feel fresh throughout the day.


Wearing white or silver-colored clothes on Monday calms your mind. if you are not getting peace of mind then these colors would be best for you. When you start wearing them, you will gradually start getting positive results.


Tuesday is another day on which you can wear Red color. Besides you can also wear Orange, chocolate and dark brown. Such colors are considered very attractive. If you wear them, then attraction will be created in you. And by doing so many people will be attracted to you.


Wednesday is the day of Mercury. On this day, you can try green-colored clothes. Especially children should follow this term. if they lack focus on their studies, then make them wear green clothes on Wednesday. It helps them to gain focus and concentration besides it also gives us positive results in business as well.


If you wear yellow clothes on this day, then somewhere you will start getting Good Luck. Wherever you go, you will always be succeeded in your task. So don’t forget to wear yellow clothes on Thursday.

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You can wear colorful clothes on this day. By doing this you will get success in every field as it is considered very auspicious.


Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev. Therefore, If you start wearing Black, Blue, and purple color clothes on this day, then somewhere you will start getting Power and confidence.

Why we should not wear torn clothes

Every single day we see different types of fashion whether it be in Online shopping or in Stores. We observe that there are many types of trends going on among the people, especially in youth. Out of which some prefer wearing torn and ripped clothes which they like from a fashion point of view.

I would not say that you should never ever wear these types of clothes, But remember that if you wear them every day, then you are inviting bad luck somewhere for yourself. Therefore, try to avoid such types of trends. Even If you like it. Because It may be fashionable and cool to you, but such kind of dressing brings very bad luck.

Wearing Repaired/Raffu dresses is good or bad

Sometimes you like your clothes very much. And if it gets ripped from somewhere, then you get it Repaired/Raffu and start using them again. Which is obviously not good at all. Because it badly impacts your self-esteem.

By doing this, you are actually attracting a lot of negative energies. Apart from this, we should never keep torn clothes in the house. Due to this, there will always be a shortage of money in your life.

Wearing new clothes without washing is good or bad

When we go out to buy some new clothes. First, we try them, and if we like them very much, then we buy and bring them home. The most common mistake we actually do when we start wearing them without washing.

As we first did in the store the same thing must have been done by many people. You can not imagine how negativity is attached to your new clothes. We do not know how much negativity is associated with those people. Hence, whenever buy new clothes, take them home and wear them only after washing. Keep in mind that do not wear them directly.

Washing clothes at night is good or bad

If you see in some houses, people wash clothes at night or in the evening and let them dry outside till the whole night. Remember that after 12 o’clock in the night all the negative energies are roaming outside. These energies some or the other way attached in your outfits. When you use them, you feel that you are not able to concentrate on your tasks.

Because you are attached to negativity which does not let you focus on your work.  Moreover, You may have to face failure everywhere. Hence, always dry your clothes in the sunlight. If for some reason a cloth remains outside in the night, then use them only after wash.

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