Vastu remedies for trees in front of the house

Do you have any idea that which tree to plant in the house is auspicious or inauspicious? Many people tend to grow different types of trees in their yards in order to enhance the beauty of the house. It is believed that planting lots of greenery helps to save people from health-related issues. Sometimes it happens that the trees you are planting never provide positive results. It occurred because Vastu defects also arise in them. Which we are going to share Vastu remedies for trees in front of the house and which trees should not be planted in the house.

Vastu remedies for trees in front of the house
Vastu remedies for trees in front of the house

Which plants are not good for home according to Vastu

The Vastu Shastra science also depends on the surroundings of the house. You may have heard that planting Bargat, Peepal, and Gular trees outside the house is considered auspicious. However, Do not neglect that planting them inside the house may start giving you Bad results instead of Good. Moreover, cutting these trees can be even more dangerous for you. Therefore, if they are in your plot, then do not cut it even by mistake.

What trees should not be planted in the house

  1. Avoid such trees in which milk comes out because it destroys wealth.
  2. Keep in mind that there should be no tall trees in the northeast corner of the house.
  3. Planting thorny trees in the house creates enemies.  Thus, avoid having any type of thorny plants in the house.
  4. Apart from these, a half dry and half-burnt tree near the house is considered inauspicious. According to Vastu, negativity and bad winds enter the house.

Which plants are good for home according to Vastu

A mango tree

Having a delicious mango tree in the house can satisfy your cravings but it can also affect you badly. Hence, Do not plant such trees of your own free will. If there is already a mango tree in your house, then you can plant an auspicious tree around it to avoid its bad effect. Such as coconut, neem, and Ashoka trees.

Neem tree

Many people do not prefer having a neem tree in their house without knowing its benefits. By planting this tree is beneficial in many ways as it can provide positive energies and pleasant air. That is why you can plant it in your home or even in any commercial area of your plot.

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Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant has great importance in Hinduism. Because it is known as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Its positive energies help to destroy the negative energy of your house. But keep in mind that it should not be planted in the south direction of the house. Because it can bring you a lot of harm in addition to the benefits. Therefore, you should plant it in the Northeast, North, or East directions only.

Amla tree

Having an Indian Gooseberry tree in the house proves to be very beneficial in the north and east direction of the house. Because many types of diseases start getting cured by their mere consumption.

Banana tree

Banana is believed to be very important from a religious point of view. It is worshiped on Thursday, even banana leaves are used during the worship. Furthermore, if you study sitting under its shade, then it increases the power of concentration. It is also very helpful in giving you positive thoughts and planning.

Vastu remedies for the tree in front of the house

Make sure there are certain types of plants that should not be planted near your house. Such as silk palm, cotton, Tamarind, and Mehandi tree. Because According to Vastu, evil spirits reside in them. If you cannot get them removed, then you can reduce their evil Energies by planting the Tulsi plant, Ashok, turmeric, Neem plant, sandalwood, or Nagkesar plant near these trees. By doing this you can be saved yourself from their bad influence.

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