Labour rates for construction work in India 2021

Getting a work quotation from the labor contractor is a crucial stage of construction. Hence, We are going to discuss how much does it cost construction work on the Labour rate from the Contractor. in this article the following topics will cover. (Labour rates for construction work in India 2021)

  1. Labour rate for construction work
  2. Lump-sum calculations for Other Construction works
  3. The total labor cost of a 1000sqft house
  4. Labor charges per day
  5. Points to be considered before finalizing work on the labor rate

Labour rates for construction work in India 2021

#1. Labour rates for construction work

Area Calculation with the Labor rate:-

Firstly, we must know the total area of the house that will be constructed. For example, if the dimensions of the house are 20′-0″x50′-0″ that becomes 1000sft the total area. Secondly,  if you are going to build a three-story building then the 1000sft area will be multiplied by 3 which becomes 1,000×3= 3,000sqft.

If the total constructed area is 1000 sqft. Then, the labor rate will be charged as per the market rate. which is around 160-200 per sqft in the market. Therefore, the total area will be multiplied with 160/-sqft which becomes 1000×160=1,60,000 rupees.

Scope of the work:-

Now, let’s find out what will include in the labor rate for construction? Remember that using the material for construction will be provided by the client, not by the contractor. Such as cement, sand, aggregate tile, marble, stone, etc. However, the shuttering material will be provided by the contractor such as scaffolding, plates, machinery, etc. The contractor will only construct the whole structure of the house. Such as footing excavation, PCC, steel binding, slab casting, Beams, and columns.

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in addition to these, The Plasterwork of front and side elevation will be done by the contractor. Also, Tiles and marble will also be applied on floors by the contractor. Furthermore, Railing and main gate fitting are also included in the labor rate. However, Keep in mind that for the extra tile work on walls you have to pay extra charges or you can add up in the work agreement. Additionally,  The other construction works that are not included in the labor rate are Plumbing work, Electrical work, Paint polish, and woodwork.

#2. Lump-sum calculations for Other Construction works

Plumbing Work:- if a 1000 sqft constructed area has two bathrooms on the ground floor then the plumber may charge you 10,000-12,000 based on Lump-sum calculation. Hence, the plumber work 12,000/- per slab will add up to the total cost of the construction.

Electrician work:- The electrician will be charged 10,000-12,000 per slab. The cost calculation of the electrician is based on per floor slab.

Carpenter Work:- Carpenter may charge you 40-50 ft /per Chawkhat. if we have 5 Chawkhat sizes with 3′-6″x7′-0″ then the final rate comes to Rs.6,125/-. Moreover, for 2 almirahs with size 7′-0″x7′-0″ carpenter will charge approx. 200-220 sqft which comes  21,560/-. The total cost will be 21,560+6,125= 27,685/-.

Painter work:-  Painter will charge you approximately 20,000-25,000 of 1000sqft area. However, painter charges may vary according to the material choice.

Remember that all these charges are calculated for Labour rates only.

Labour rates for construction work in India 2021

#3. The total Labour cost of a 1000sqft house 

Now, let’s find what total cost will come up for 1000 sqft area?

  • Civil contractor 1,60,000
  • Plumber 12,000
  • electrician 12,000
  • carpenter 27,685
  • painter 25,000

The total construction cost of 1000sqft will be Rs.2,33,685/-. Therefore, if we divide the total cost with a total area that will come to Rs.233/- per square feet of the construction area.

#4. Labour Charges of Per day (Labour rates for construction work in India)

  • Mason 600-800
  • labor 350-450
  • Carpenter 600-900
  • Plumber 500-900
  • Painter 500-900
  • Tile layer 500-800
  • Shuttering/bar bending 400-700

#5. Points to be considered before finalizing work on the labor rate

There are few things that should be kept in mind before finalizing the Labour contractor.

  1. The contractor’s work record should be cleaned and maintained. Hence, one should be very careful while choosing a contractor for construction.
  2. A legal agreement should be made with properly signed by the contractor and client.
  3. Read the agreement carefully and make sure all work scope should be included.
  4. The payment method should be well explained in order to avoid minor conflicts.
  5. Compare contractor rate with the market rate. So that you can have a reasonable rate for your house construction.
  6. The plasterwork of the interior and exterior should be included.
  7. Make sure expert advice must be taken from the reputed Architect and Civil engineers.

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